To Grow Up (Not Old) - Bill Rivers - Video
PUBLISHED:  Apr 04, 2015
​Alternative pop

Written and Produced by Bill Rivers
From the album 'Becoming Emptiness' 2016
Video by Dawn Mendonca

Bill Rivers is a Singer/Songwriter and Lyricist from England now living in Portugal with a background in Fine Art. A member of the multimedia project The Idiot Society, The Real Beavers and Hop who uses a variety of styles and formats to produce songs.

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The Idiot Society,Bill Rivers, Idiot Queen and Hop: https://theidiotsociety.bandcamp.comWritten and Produced by Bill Rivers. Video by Idiot Queen


The years pass by
Become less long
A presence’s gone
Which was once strong

Is this the moment
When things begin
To know existence
By leaving it
To grow up, not old

To know the whole
Not just the parts
To surrender
Fall apart

To be still
While the wheel spins
To see everything
For what it is
To grow up, not old

To unravel
To unfold
To let go
Of these clothes
To undo
All you’ve done
To be a void
And let it come

To be aware
And detached
From the future
And the past
To find the essence
To find the soul
To grow up
Not old
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