Big D and the Kids Table

Boston, Massachusetts, US
Artist / Band / Musician
Ska / Punk / Dub
Side One Dummy
Big D and the Kids Table frontman David McWane has said, “There are people who want to be in a band and then there are musicians.” However, once in while a group comes along who decide to make music simply because they have no other choice—and those are the acts who tend to stick around. For the past fourteen years Big D And The Kids Table have proven that regardless of fame or poverty they will forever be addicted musicians.
The person who put it best was [Warped Tour founder] Kevin Lyman, McWane explains. “My girlfriend once asked him if we were a big band and he replied, ‘I’ll tell you like this, they’ve been around for 14 years and each year they’re relevant.’ I think that’s a great description of what this band is all about.”
Booking U.S.A.: Adam Brill at APA
Booking Canada: Duncan Blair at Union Touring : 514-284-2279
Booking UK/Europe : Ian Armstrong at Hidden Talent Booking
Publicist: Jon Pebsworth Ph: 323-790-0990 ext: 222
Web: Yosef
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