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Gods in Germany, legends in the UK, celebrated in Scandinavia, an insiders’ Tipp in Nepal, fully unknown in Peru. BIG BAD SHAKIN': Probably the craziest band around ! Their one-of-kind offer is an explosive mix of 1950s American Rock ‘n’ Roll, Skate and Glam Rock which BIG BAD SHAKIN’ have come to call Rockin’ Cartoon Pop. Why hasn’t anyone done that earlier?
Uncompromising spontaneity, a bulky stage show and ultra-fresh songs. When BIG BAD SHAKIN’ start moving, the four truly handsome Berliners keep rollin’ in the alarming fashion of a tricycle with a brake circuit malfunction. Their influences - disowned beyond recognition - range from Elvis Presley (bank account) and Magnum P.I. (cheast hair), to Amy Winehouse (outfit) and the Beach Boys (tour van). Already since the band’s foundation in 1997, BIG BAD SHAKIN’ prefer double-layer sound sandwiches: Spicy piano, solid guitar licks, deliciously rumbling drums, spicy bass humming, old chain lubricant to form courageous quiffs and other unidentifiable haircuts. That’s their world, the world of Rockin’Cartoon Pop.
Flamboyant characters in the UK, they meet frenzied receptions at festivals and clubs, they tour Germany up and down, and turn cool Scandinavians into a frantic crown of party people. BIG BAD SHAKIN’s Rockin’ Cartoon Pop breaks with the oppressive restrictions of genres and music scenes without dissolving into senseless slapstick and Grandfather-Rock ‘n’ Roll. Dancing styles disappear in uselessness, and the audience unites as fun-driven party-makers throughout all age ranges. Target group is everyone who already or still has breath in his body.
Rock to the rhythm and shake your hips to sharp shootin’ BIG BAD SHAKIN’ - the inventors of Rockin’ Cartoon Pop. Rock ‘n’ Roll has a chance again. But it’s called Rockin’ Cartoon Pop. By BIG BAD SHAKIN’. Thank you for that.
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