sean biddle

chicago, Illinois, US
Artist / Band / Musician
bid muzik
House music so nasty it's guaranteed to leave you dirty and wet."

About sean biddle

House music so nasty it's guaranteed to leave you dirty and wet." Although his musical career started with playing keyboard in a high school band, Sean Biddle's real passion began years later when he was exposed to the rave scene in Colorado. With his creativity ignited, Sean, at age 20, released his first record "The Lift" on Daisey Age Records. Sean has been churning out dirty bangin' house music ever since. The past ten years have been prolific with 100 or more releases. His studio repertoire includes work for Bid Muzik, Nine Records, Sureplayer and Shaboom records,just to name a few. His track "Malfunktion," released on Moonshine, was played on MTV's Making the Video, while his side project, The N.S.D Project, could be heard on episodes of MTV's Road Rules and The Real World. Sean's newest outing is his own record label Bid Muzik. With the support of Ninechannel Mutlimedia, Inc., Bid Muzik has been pushing the envelope of funky house music. He isn't stopping there, either. While he infuses Bid Muzik with his inventiveness and energy, he continues to look for new opportunities for collaboration and supporting new talent. Sean can be seen tearing up the turntables as well. Keep an eye out for this purveyor of dirty, chunky, house music. We've just had a taste of what's to come as house music clears a top-notch spot for this exciting producer.



"the Mile High Club" Om 1998

Hashbrowns @ Midnite E.P. (12") Nine Records (US) 2003

Come With Me (12") Nine Records (US) 2005

Little Café (12") Sure Player 2005

We Came To Dance / Rock It (12") Various Dudes Trax 2005

We Love Burnin EP (12") Nine Records (US) 2005

Can't Keep (Remixed) (MP3) Eighttrax 2006

I Love You (MP3) Eighttrax 2006

You Are Everything Eighttrax 2006

Let You Know (12") Casa Del Soul 2006

Freak Show Bid Muzik 2006

make your move BId Muzik 2006

something i feel Bid Muzik 2006

funky fantasy Bid Muzik 2006

flyin high Bid Muzik 2007

Downtown Days ep Haiti Groove 2007

The Real Thing ep Catalyst US 2007

Jus The Tip ep Tastie Records 2007

X-tra Agenda Nine Records 2007

I Never Knew Us 2 music 2007

Top Of The World Us 2 music 2007

Afterparty All House music2007

Sit Back epMolacacho 2007

Re-freshing Jamz Vol 1 Refreshing Records 2007


The Lift (11") The Lift (Technicolour)Daisey Age Recordings 1995

The Hustler (12") The Hustler Nine Records (US) 2004

the floorfillerz:

orignal tracks:

Get High (Promo) (12") Terraform Records

Big Devious (12") Colorcopy 2001

Cab Driver EP (12") Colorecordings 2001

Live Jazz 2001 (12") Colorcopy 2001

The Loft Tracks (12") Give Some Lovin' Free The Funk 2002

Locked Up EP (12") Phunked UpRecordingS


Malfunktion (12") Moonshine Music 2002

The Catalyst Sampler v3.0 (12") The Devil is Dub Catalyst Recordings 2002

The Devil Is Dope (12") The Devil Is Dope Catalyst Recordings 2002

Emergency (12") Reform Recordings 2003

Right On Speer Blvd. E.P. (12") Essence 2003

Colorecordings Sampler 01 (12") Floorfiller Colorecordings 2003

Harvey Wallbanger EP (12") Irresistable Fillerz Peaches Music 2003

Tracks For Your Box: Session One (12") Colorecordings 2003

12 Minutes Of Body Rubz And Dubz (12") Shaboom Records 2004

Emergency The Remixes (12") Colorecordings 2004

It Fillerz Good (12") frrt 2004

Time To Get A Job EP (12") Bosh 2004

The Sweat (MP3) *Cutz 2005

3 AM In Five Points EP (MP3) Eighttrax 2006


iFatal Fatal! (2x12") iFatal Fatal! . Solea Records 2001

Music Is Mine (12") Music Is Mine Camouflage Recordings 2001

Affection (Remixes) (12") Affection Look At You 2002

Change (12") Change Edel Records (Germany) 2002

Fatal Fatal (12") Fatal Fatal House 1 2002

Funk The D (12") Funk The DMoonshine Music 2002

Lights Out Over Denver EP (12") Floorfiller Hablando 2002

Timebaby (Part 1) (12") Timebaby Pt. 1 Colorecordings 2002

Gettin Buck EP (12") I'll Do Anything HC Recordings 2003

Nique pres. Earclear EP (12") Earclear Hablando 2003

Tracks Appear On:

Feeling Free Vol. 1 (CD) Free Records

Denver Live (CD) Terraform Records 2002

Across America: Sixeleven DJ Mixseries Vol. 5 (CD) Fuck The Drink Sixeleven Records (611) 2003

Real World/Road Rules: malfunktion

The NSD Project:


Funk The D (12") Moonshine Music 2002

The Brother Hood EP (12") Nine Records (US) 2003

The Hustler (12") Nine Records (US) 2004


He Is Coming (Part Two) (12") He Is Coming Colorecordings 2005

Tracks Appear On:

Love 2 Dance (3xCD) Funk The DMoonshine Music 2003


DJ Dalysovich - Candy Girl [Red Session Records] (Release)
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