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B.G. Back To The Money

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Having longevity while retaining popularity in hip-hop is a difficult thing; For the most part, it’s a here today, gone tomorrow genre. It’s about what you’re doing now, not what you’ve done before. Unless what you’ve done has been strong enough to stay in people’s minds for years. Your albums have to have mattered and your moves must have impressed. To have done that by 26 years old is an accomplishment, and B.G. has achieved just that.
Most rap heads are familiar with B.G. from his Cash Money affiliation as part of the original Hot Boys (26.5 Million records sold). He is known as the originator of “Bling Bling,” as a grimy New Orleans Hot Boy with a nasty laid-back flow, a thick accent and a shoot ‘em up bang bang style. They’ve watched him overcome personal and professional hardships while consistently putting out strong music.
In 2006, B.G. inks a deal with Atlantic Records and now B.Gizzle is prepping Too Hood 2B Hollywood, his 11th solo disc and his first project to come out on a major label in seven years. “Once I made that move to take it back to the majors… I mean a lot of artists let the labels dictate whether they going to put them in a shiny suit or let ’em do them and personally, I’m just too hood to be Hollywood,” B.G. explains.
Never straying from what made him a rap favorite, Too Hood 2 B Hollywood, in collaboration with T.I., is a classic B.G. album. The first single, “For A Minute” featuring Tip, is a true testament to the progression B.G. has made with his music. With funky Scott Storch drums, a hard verse from T.I., and that classic B.G. flow, the track proves Gizzle is right on target. His “I Hustle” – with Young Jeezy and track by J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League, and “Rather Die” – a tribute to Sean Bell featuring Maino and produced by Kane Beatz, and “Nigga Owe Me Some Money” – featuring board-work by KLC and a posthumous verse from the late Soulja Slim are all fire songs hitting the streets. Currently, B.G. is also helping to break in artists from his hood in the Crescent City… playing on Radio currently is his Keep It 100 featuring Magnolia Chopa with tracks by the hot Florida production duo Oddz and Endz. Also appearing on the album is Aaron Neville, Jason Weaver, Mannie Fresh, and members of his Chopper City family, and a few special guests. B.G. is also working on a documentary about his hometown of New Orleans post-Hurricane Katrina.
“Sometimes I am denied my props but it’s cool,” says B.G. “I’m coming back and taking everything the game owes me. It doesn’t owe me anything but respect. I’m still the hottest of the hot. At the end of the day, I just want that respect that I truly deserve.” It’s time he got it!
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