Ben Sollee on Audiotree Live (Full Session) - Video
PUBLISHED:  Jun 27, 2016
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Ben Sollee is a cellist by trade and a composer-songwriter by creative compulsion. Mastery over the instrument is the cornerstone for his performances as frontman of a full touring band. Sollee has also scored a documentary, provided music for plays and full-length films and found placement in popular TV shows. He’s an advocate of sustainability and has toured multiple times on a bicycle while raising awareness for various social concerns. Check out the performance by Ben Sollee on Audiotree Live.

1. Learn to Listen
2. Something, Somewhere, Sometime
3. Captivity
4. Whole Lot to Give
5. Pretend
6. Forgotten
7. Steeples

Recorded on June 2, 2016, in Chicago, IL.

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