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Beloved Binge is home from tours for a bit and working on material for their 4th album.
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Eleni also made a documentary called Seeing Through the Fence. Check out the screening schedule here.


Live show:

From Shrieking Shack Shows (Lexington, KT):
"this was an awesome show--how much talent can you squeeze into a 2 piece--he plays guitar, she sings, plays keyboards, and plays the drum kit--catchy songs that stick in your head for days--now they are a pop band--but with that cool indie garage ethic--"
Bryan Reed, Independent Weekly (Durham/Chapel Hill, NC):
"Sitting behind the drumkit, Binge not only sets the rhythm but sings, plays keyboards and plays guitar. Like her own motion, Beloved Binge songs are busy, using shifting rhythm and keys and two different verses sometimes sung at once."
From One Base on an Overthrow (Connecticut Blog):
"Toy xylophones as instruments, playing drums and keyboards at the same time, banging on guitar strings like a percussion instrument.on this particular night it agreed with me fine, especially the blown-out Dinosaur Jr. part in "Married on Myspace" and the minimalist indie rock throb of "Miso (I Don't Like People)"-- 'I don't like people, but still, I'm trying.'"

Blender Theory era
Jersey Beat (NJ):
"Beloved Binge nailed it: Twisted, lo-fi indie homage with just enough mad science and tongue-in-cheek irony.The band services up a stereophonic celebration of jangly off-kilter guitars in the vein of They Might Be Giants, The Flying Lizards, B-52's, etc., that accent tight, catchy little pop songs that, at first, seem simple; but repeated listenings reveal the band's wicked humor, and their amazing less-is-more approach."

Colorado Springs Independent (Reverb) (Colorado Springs, CO):
" .upbeat, stripped-down and muffed-out indie-pop rock. Taking turns strumming, humming and drumming (while swiping pages from the K Records playbook) Rob Beloved and Eleni Binge conjure up happy memories of indie rock's fun-loving and far less pretentious past."
Chris Conti of the Providence Phoenix (Providence, RI):
"An amalgamated blast of lo-fi and fuzzy Garage rock with a twist or two or three, Blender Theory defies description for the most part, and ain't that a good thing nowadays? The opening track "(Got) Married on Myspace" bobs and weaves from jangly pop to something akin to a Sleater-Kinney B-side with some seriously strange breaks in between. "decoy" and "Heartburn" belong on your summer playlist."

Duluth Budgeteer (Duluth, MN):
"With a sound as infectious as this, Beloved Binge can keep on singing about Lordonlyknowswhat and people will still be listening.What's most striking about this album, however, is that no matter how absurd the lyrics get.the more you want to listen."
VivaIndieBlog (North Carolina Blog):
"Intelligent, inventive, amusing."
New Haven Advocate (New Haven, CT):
"Minamalist weird guy/girl duo Beloved Binge [are] a fun and goofy outfit."
Chris Parker, Independent Weekly (Durham/Chapel Hill, NC):
"Catch BELOVED BINGE, too: Rob Beloved and Eleni Binge hit the road soon for a year, and, in the Durham duo's absence, we'll lose a K Records/ Teen Beat blend of generous hooks and captivating quirks. Songs about MySpace couples come backed with the struggle to like people, and shifting time signatures springboard from trebly, staccato riffs."
Feature in the Olympian (Olympia, WA)

Grayson Currin, Music Editor, Independent Weekly (Durham/Chapel Hill, NC):
"Eleni Binge's time shifts behind the drum kit and Rob Beloved's serpentine-note guitar lines suggest a certain affinity for math rock. But perfection and precision are subsumed by an overarching playfulness."
The Hartford Advocate (Hartford, CT):
"Rob Beloved and Eleni Binge create a full and fun electric sound, sharing guitar, drums, and vocals duty."

Ross Grady, (Durham/Chapel Hill, NC):
"The countdown is on.all the pieces are falling into place for their year-long tour starting this fall. See 'em while you can, because you know you're gonna miss their off-kilter gtr/drums call-and-response artrock."

Other Places era
The Independent Weekly:
"Beloved Binge "delivers plain-spoken, pensive songs…downright thrilling for those on the receiving end."
David Menconi, News and Observer, from Critic's Picks:
".it's nice to have Seattle's transplanted Beloved our midst. On "Other Places"…the tandem of Rob Beloved and Eleni Binge play stripped-down punk rock that doesn't feel thin, combining the howling abandon of Sleater-Kinney with a very fine attention to poppy detail…"
"The melodies are simple, the sound a stealthy mix of guitar, drums, plucky vocals, and a little bouzouki (traditional Greek stringed instrument), but the resulting songs of Durham duo/couple Beloved Binge.are scrumptious treats."
Independent Weekly, from Music Worth Leaving the House For:
"If Lee Ranaldo and Fontaine Toups had wed, Beloved Binge .would have been their Teen Beat babies."

"Beloved Binge…brought with them a sound that is as rooted in Northwestern lo-fi pop…as it is in East Coast (specifically D.C.) punk…[and] succeed in creating varied songs…the band can…craft a catchy melody, but also knows when to step on the distortion pedal."
The Raleigh Hatchet:
"…a truly unique duo. Right off, the delightful spin of "New Year" is "Faces," which features Eleni's talent for balancing vocal harmony and power. It also shows the knack Beloved Binge has for transitioning into completely different rhythms flawlessly…"

Independent Weekly:
"Like wonderful Chicago co-eds The Spinanes, Beloved Binge hustles through minimal guitar-and-drum pop obsessed with sparseness, space and sear. But they do it with the gumption of 764-Hero and, occasionally, the enthusiastic bluster of Sonic Youth."

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Blender Theory on iTunes:
Blender Theory is now available on iTunes!

Blender Theory now available, hard copy style!
Recorded by Jerry Kee - live, analog - at Duck Kee Studios. Album design by Quick Brown Fox Design.

Read a review here. And a little snippidy dippidy here.
Or here: Jersey Beat.
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Beloved Binges' previous full-length album Other Places, recorded at Zero Return Studios in Atlanta is available at CD Baby and on iTunes. Two-piece, live, analog style.
Beloved Binge for Sale

BELOVED BINGE: Other PlacesRubble pop rooted in punk pot infused with a hint of old Greek mountain village uprising.


Local Durham folks can also purchase the album at the best lil' record store: Chaz' Bull City Records or Offbeat records.
Chapel Hill: CD Alley.
Raleigh: School Kids Records


Booking Contact: Eleni @ Porch Life Productions: porchlifeproductions *at*
Press Contact: Eleni @ Porch Life Productions: porchlifeproductions *at*

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Beloved Binge receives many questions about touring the Triangle area. Here is a great comprehensive site with more information about the bands and clubs in the Triangle:
Triangle Rock.
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