"Angels Watch Over the Children" Becca Tracey Original Song - Video
PUBLISHED:  Nov 21, 2010
In 1901, Louis was a baby
His mother brought him on the boat
She and his father died in America
And the little boy was all alone

Angels watch over the children
Who are all alone
The Lord, he knows his babies
When they are orphaned and alone

In 1920, Clara Rose lost her dady
When she was in the fourth grade
She went to work in a factory
At that tender young age

Clara Rose, she grew up too fast in her factory life
Louis he was an adult, far before his time
These two kindred spirits, living a weary life
Were destined to be together, as man and wife

Louis he was a skilled tradesman
He met that factory girl
During the thirties they had a baby
Who became their world

There were times they did not have a thing
But they had each other which was everything

They never were rich and they never were poor
They held onto that family that they both lost before

If you like this song subscribe or comment:) Also as a songwriter I would be trilled if an artist wanted to record this song & you can find it registered with BMI under County of Rock Music, Becca Tracey. For this song there is an additional bridge that is not in this recording. The words to that bridge are: there were times they did not have a thing but they had each other which was everything.
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