Electric Eel Shock

Artist / Band / Musician
Rock / Punk / Metal
Double Peace Records
EES also have a Japanese myspace

Our new album - Sugoi Indeed

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Electric Eel Shock left Japan for USA at the end of 1999 after a couple of years constant touring they moved on to UK then Europe, Asia and Australia.

Now after sold out tours around the world and with the backing of Roadrunner Records in Japan they are even concuering their home country.

Genelay and Bob Slayer run the site

But EES will check the site from time to time and we will try and pass your messages onto the band

If you want to speak to Bob Slayer (tour manager etc) he is in the top 8 below

Kerrang: "There are places on the sun that are less hot than 'Rock & Roll Can Rescue The World', its one of the catchiest songs you will ever hear." NME: "The NME have always dreamed of a band like Japan's Electric Eel Shock. A band willing and able to rid the world of sexually retarded indie schmindie dullards while spunking in the accepted notions of cool!"

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