Los Banditos

Jena, Thüringen, DE
Artist / Band / Musician
Surf / Garage
Weser Label, Kamikaze Rec., Amigo Rec., Soyuz Rec.
Tour Tagebuch online! "Sex, Drugs and Rock 'n' Rolla ala Italia!" http://carlovivary.blog.de/ wird in den nächsten Tagen noch vervollständigt!


In 1996 the band was founded as a trio in Jena/Germany.

The Banditos first specialized in Surf, but soon enough line up and

musical competence were steadily broadened, so that 10 years later

were facing a 5-headed gang that is still celebrating its music on a

solid Surf base and is unmistakeably inspired by the East German

Big Beat bands of the early Sixties (yes, this term did exist already

40 years ago), but is integrating the sexy groove of the Sixties/

Seventies Soul and cuban percussions into its music as well as

performing classical RnB vocal pieces this is an own version of

Post Easy Listening Pop.

This mixture is produced on original vintage GDR-equipment: Musima

de Luxe guitar, Musima Brillant 76 bass and Weltmeister T/O

200.5 organ.

The Banditos live gigs turn out to be a challenge for your dancing

as well as for your laughing abilities. Glamour is served in family

packs and the prescribed combination of musical drugs, namely

Sixties Beat, Surf, sound tracks of Spy Thrillers, Spaghetti Westerns

and Blue Movies, Black Soul, Las Vegas Glamour, Shadows

melodies and brave postmodern Pop makes even the death move.

At the latest with their interpretations of "Je taime.moi non

plus" and "Ca Plane pour moi " every hall goes wild.

But of course the Banditos are not only game for popular party tunes. In the first place elegance and understatement are dominant. In an adequate

atmosphere it is not unlikely that an Los Banditos concert takes up

to 3 hours. And theres not one moment of boredom included.

Their own compositions, titled "Porno Uschi" (Porn Uschi), "Unbekannte wilde Frau" (Unknown Wild Woman), "Mdchen komm!" (Com'on Girl ), "Komm Mdchen, geh!" (Com'on Girl, leave!) or "Zwischenfall im Orbit" (Incidence in Space) don't have to hide behind their versions of classics or obscurities.

Self evidently, the Banditos are now all year around on tour - not only at home, but all across Europe as in Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Slovenia, Czech Republic, the Netherlands, UK, France, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, the Baltics and Russia. A Best Of compilation titled "Collected Works" is out on Soyuz Records Moscow since fall 2006.

Their divine Sex video clip ran several times on VIVA and ARTE broadcasted

a complete concert. The band is also writing music for theaters across Germany and Switzerland i.e. Karen Finleys theatre play "The theory of total blame" and enjoyed engagements at theatres in Basel, Freiburg, Berlin, Halle and others.

After a big success in 2005 Los Banditos performed again with the Jena Theater Haus at famous Kulturarena festival 2006.

Their songs can be found in national and international film productions as "Der Eisbaer", "Legion of the Dead", "Willenbrock" or the documentary "Tod im Stasiknast" among others. A documentary about their "Beat Odyssey Tour 2005" to Eastern Europe and Russia is in the making.

Of course they appear also frequently in the radio, in fanzines and the press. Some samples?

Spex: Best Surf/Instrumental record of approximately the last 18 month.

Flying Revolverblatt: Fantastic Instrumental sound between Surf &Easy Listening.

Ox: The heroes of Trash Surf Beat were the only ones who managed to make the 700 lethargic bastards move.


The new record BEAT ODYSSEE is available from Feb. 1st at various mailorders, shops & and at WWW.LOSBANDITOS.DE .

Hot Rod Sally

Los Banditos | MySpace Musikvideos

Los Banditos at MTV Russia! Filmed and interviewed on their last tour to Russia and Finland at Decadense Club/St. Petersburg, November 2006. Glamour Glamour Glamour!

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