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Buried Electric
Backing video, "Pais de Sangre", for '08 tour:

Backing video, "Pain", for '08 tour:

I2I from "Irsh Tomb Ich" at the Outback Lodge (Dawning), Charolettesville VA:

"Basjskorv" Interview at Nuclearfest 2007.

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BAJSKORV is a Washington, DC based industrial band formed by Christian Wright and Juan Monarez in 2003. Their goal is to create and perform industrial music that is both technically creative as well as politically aggressive. Their sound is primarily sample and synthesizer based, with heavily processed vocals and few guitars. Though roles occasionally switch in the band, you will most often find Christian as the main musical composer and Juan as the lead vocalist and lyricist.

In the spring of 2006 BAJSKORV independently recorded it’s first full length self titled album, which ranged in style from harsh experimentation to industrial dance. After a few shows in the DC area to promote the debut, BAJSKORV returned to the studio that fall to make their second album, Irsh Tomb Ich. This recording began as a 25 minute live improvisation experiment that later evolved into a full length album with some structured and some unstructured songs. Its release was followed up with an active live schedule that took the band around the Mid-Atlantic during the spring and summer of 2007, playing alongside such regional and national acts as Bella Morte, Worms of the Earth, Xuberx, Dharmata 101, Vyral, Angels on Acid, Ikonoklast, Panzer Division, Failed Utopia, Synthetic Division, Red This Ever, and Synthetic Nightmare.

By August 2007 recording and mixing was completed on a third full length, Scars and Stripes. This release was characterized by a consolidation of earlier experimentation, and in the words of one critic, "mixes strong and occasionally quite nearly club-friendly beats with insanely dynamic and complex layers of analog synthesis with old school junkyard noises and atmospheres."

In early 2008 Bajskorv hit the road to take Scars and Stripes to 22 cities across the United States, performing along the way with bands such as Worms of the Earth, W.A.S.T.E., Alter De Ruine, Cockfight Club, All Ties Severed, Esper Machine, I:Scintilla, Lockjaw, AM Psych, Go Yo, Trash Orchestra, Herpes Hideaway Vs. Red Squirrels, In The Age of Terminal Static, The Yage, Kluge, Ierased, and many more.

Currently Bajskorv is on hiatus from live shows. Members are currently putting energy towards side projects Savage Ideal, Laughing Fish and Impulse Control.

Stay tuned.


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Side Projects:

Wolves in the Walls: Juan Monarez, Xavier Swafford, Janet Ong

Savage Ideal: Christian Wright (Solo)

Laughing Fish: Christian Wright (Solo- literary)

Societal Demise: Christian Wright, Rachael Haywire

Other stuff:
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