Figure - The Gravest Hits Mix - Video
PUBLISHED:  Oct 13, 2016
Teamed up with Freaky Deaky festival to bring you guys this mix!

For the past 7-8 years I have been guarding the gates of Monsters in the 'EDM" world, deciding when they get to come out and play. This year marks the 7th installment of the Monsters series, so I thought it was about time to make a mix of what I consider to be the best and most classic haunts, spanning all the way back to Volume 1 to some Monsters that still aren't out. Happy Halloween!

Monsters 7 out now:

I'm on a national wide tour with Protohype , come check the dates out at

Tracklist :

Figure and Dakota - Your Worst Fear
Figure and 2FAC3D - Trick or Treat
Figure - Blood Thirsty feat CasOne and Bitter Stephens
Figure - Freddy Krueger
Figure and Kill Rex - Chew You To Pieces
Figure - Friday the 13th
Figure - The Werewolf (Midnight Tyrannosaurus Remix)
Figure - Micheal Myers is Dead
Figure - Pumpkinhead feat Kool Kieth (LUMBERJVCK Remix)
Figure and Dirty Deeds - Creature From The Black Lagoon
Figure and Bare - Hellraiser
Figure and Code Pandorum - RedRum
Figure - Black Magick
Addams Family Theme (Figure Remix)
The Munsters Theme (Figure Remix)
Beetlejuice Theme (Figure Remix)
Figure - The Witches Revenge
Figure and Bare - Hellraiser (Tempest Remix)
Figure - Suspiria (Code Pandorum Remix)
Figure - Suspiria
Figure - It's Alive feat D-Styles
Figure and Brawler - Pennywise feat CasOne
Figure - The Exorcist
Figure and Dirty Deeds - The Blob
Figure and 2FAC3D - Death
Figure and Midnight Tyrannosaurus - Torture and Terror
Figure - No Turning Back (J. Rabbit Remix)
Figure and Bare - Jack the Ripper
Figure - Zombies (VIP)
Figure and Kanji Kinetic - Frankenstein
Figure - Aliens (VIP)
Figure - Are You Afraid Of The Dark feat Lexi Norton
Figure - Childs Play
Figure - The Graveyard
Figure and Helicopter Showdown - Center Of Hell
Figure - Monster Mania

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