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Ljubljana, SI
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Punk / Rock / Hardcore
Kapa records
Backstage is a new age punk-rock band that's been together since October 2001, started as a group of four guys after some line changes remained a trio. Our career started in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Band is formed by ex-members of two ex-bands Opozicija and P.I.T.A. Some time after both bands broke down the existing members decided to meet on out first practice at Metelkowa mesto. Since then we recorded two demos (our own production) and in Novemer 2002 we decided to go to studio, where we (with help from producer Toni Jurij who also recorded our first album) recorded the song Confused. In December we shot the video for Confused - with help from Mitja Okorn. Video won the best video of the month award on our national television. In the beginning of the April 2004 we signed a record deal with Nika Records, and over the summer weve been in studio. Our first album came out in February 2004, it includes 26 songs (15 in English, 1 instrumental and 10 songs translated into Slovenian language) and was followed by another successful video for the song Misel nate. After the release of the record we started touring around Slovenia, mostly clubs, but also some festivals and bigger stages. During the tour we shot our third video Sofistikator. We've had quite a few abroad gigs for now, including in Zagreb (Croatia) with the beatsteaks and aerodrome festival in Wiener Neustadt. In 2006 we released our second album called Trends are changing, that includes 12 songs (2 in Slovene) and supported it with a video for the song believe in me. Good critics of the album and improved live performances got us a deal with roadshock booking agency that increased the number of our shows in Germany and Austria. In november 2007 we went on a tour to RSA for 3 weeks followed by a long break due to Miha Brezavšcek leaving the band. In early 2009 we started playing again with Tomaž Pišlar and Andrej Ogris on guitars so keep coming back to this site for the latest info on our upcoming shows.

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2o.11.2o1o - KUD France Prešeren, Ljubljana
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