A Wilhelm Scream

New Bedford, Massachusetts, US
Artist / Band / Musician
Punk / Hardcore / Rock
Nitro Records
How does one gauge the success of a band pushing the envelope of a genre that receives little to no credit by the mainstream media? In the case of A Wilhelm Scream, the answer is “Who cares?” – As a band playing punk rock for over a decade, original members Trevor Reilly, Nuno Pereira and Nick Angelini haven’t focused on success, image or whatever bandwagon a group can jump on to get their music into the ears of listeners: It’s the ideal of music from an honest place, playing to the kids who want to hear more than a simple love song, or want an opinion rammed down their throats.

Within this ongoing endeavor, AWS has recruited the talents of Brian Robinson (bass) and Mike Supina (guitar); Two Great-Lakers who have strived to help develop the band into the most musically-diverse lineup they’ve had to date, touring all over the World in over 20 countries from Russia to Tasmania in support of their 2007 release Career Suicide (NitroRecords).

After spending a few months at home developing a follow-up self-titled EP, A Wilhelm Scream is back on the road to deliver punk rock that promises to cater to the kids who are fed up with “everything else”.

A Wilhelm Scream is:

Nuno Pereira – Vocals

Trevor Reilly – Guitar, Vocals

Brian Robinson – Bass, Vocals

Mike Supina – Guitar

Nick Angelini – Drums


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