Awesome Color- "Transparent" Track Review - Video
PUBLISHED:  Apr 06, 2010

This track is the opener to Awesome Color's third album, Massa Hypnos. AC is a neo-psych garage trio from Detroit who slay live, filling their music with tons of noise, passion, and in-the-moment decisions. It's an infectious situation to be in. The studio hasn't been as kind to the band, especially on this LP. Massa feels like a step down in terms of production from the band's last album, leaving each instrument sounding a bit flat and dry. As a fan I'm enjoying it, but as a guy who has to come on camera and tell you to check it out, I find myself hesitating.

Did you hear the track? What did you think of it? What do you think of this band? What do you think of the garage rock revival going on these days?

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