Awa Ly

Artist / Band / Musician
Acoustic / Pop
Singer and songwriter, Awa Ly was born and raised in Paris. Her origins are from Dakar and it's almost ten years that she lives in Rome. Awa's music and songs, are a compound of " Pop' n Folk" with some jazz and blues notes. The artist bring us on a trip into her world inspired by her multicultural influences, singing small stories of life wrapping us in a cosy and warm space like her "Modulated" (feat Tuck and Patti, Greg Cohen, Fabrizio Bosso…) is now available on Itunes worldwide!. The most important thing and as she said "necessary" for her is to sing live, in fact Awa's got an intensive live activity singing with her band or in duo (voice and guitar) through Italy and Europe, Awa Ly's concerts are a memorable experience to live
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