Audiobulb Records

Sheffield, UK
Record Label / Publishing / Artist Management
Electronica / Experimental / Alternative
Audiobulb Records is an exploratory music label designed to promote creativity in all its forms. Audiobulb releases artist works on CD & download formats as well as multimedia works, VST (virtual instruments), audio hardware and other creative tools. Our aim is to facilitate the development of new artists working within a realm of care, quality and craft. Works supported by Audiobulb often explore the interface between the electronic and natural world. We embrace the complexity of unique electronics, intricate acoustics and detailed microsound.
Audiobulb is home to Endless Endless & The Root of Sine projects.
Have you enjoyed the music on this page? Imagine listening to the complete CD in a format that captures the full quality of the artist's work. Our CDs are professionally mastered and portray the warm depth and the intricate complexity of the audio.
The Abulb Shop ships CDs to any address in the world & the price is very reasonable.
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