Attracted To Gods

Minneapolis, Minnesota, US
Artist / Band / Musician
Rock / Blues / Country
Blue Worm Records
You can download the entire self-titled 7 song ATG record here.

Attracted to gods is anything they want it to be. From a guitar and drums duo to a three guitar full band onslaught!

Most of the members (Nate collis (guitar/vocals), Brett Johnson (Bass), Brian Mcleod (drums)) have been a part of the underground hip-hop group Atmosphere.

The music sound is rock for sure, but touches on country, blues, 70's rock and a small pop element. We try not to be to held to any one style. It helps us write a body of work, not just a couple of songs that sound the same.

The band name came from a conversation with a friend of Nate's, Lil’ Dan Shite (rhymes with kite and high as hell), when they were talking about human infatuation with spirituality of all types. But after all is said and done, it's just a attraction.

The music is dark and shows the heavy side to people vs. their inner struggle to be god like themselves. The words are not feel-good-lovey-dovey-save-the-day lyrics, instead they are a working class point of view on vengeance, murder, lust, and the ability to be ego driven and lost while maintaining a moonshine buzz.
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