Atomicide - Chaos Abomination Teaser - Video
PUBLISHED:  Jun 11, 2015
Dybbuk Records & Craneo Negro are proud to present -
ATOMICIDE "Chaos Abomination" CD Digi-Pack

Chile’s Atomicide are kicking off the year with an impressive release. Atomicide have released some punishing demos since 2004. Their first full length, Spreading the Cult of Death, grabbed attention in 2013. Now with a tighter, stronger album, the trio set out to blaze a path through 2015.
Atomicide’s interpretation of metal is well defined by the term, “blackened death metal”. “Under the Spell of Destruction” precisely executes this approach. The blast beats and raw, buzzed guitars and the guitar tone utilize BM aesthetics.
Atomicide ring a nefarious siren that haunts and ensnares the audience throughout Chaotic Abomination. All the death elements of the era which Atomicide abides by are here. Songs of world war and nuclear threats and chemical pollution meet the subject criteria. The cover and logo are menacing and somber. Dark blistering riffs culminate to a claustrophobic feel over blast beats while growls of portent revel in humanity’s demise.

Gene Palubicki:
"Chaos Abomination is surely one of the most punishing South American black/death releases in decades... all the years of demo works has now manifested into a kingly perfection of merciless Darkness!!!"

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