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M.W.E. Music Llc
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Destined for greatness, thats gonna be the title of the story of my life, says the 26 year old Brooklyn native name A.G Through trials and tribulations he continues to try and create a movement and make a difference in this music industry. The Future tattooed on his back explained by him means he is the future of music or the future of anything he puts his mind too.A.G. first started off his career wanting to be a rap artist, and in that time he delt with the likes of, Mark Pitts, Jermaine Dupri, Derrick D Dot Angelette, etc. The biggest person hes ever delt with is none other that Shawn Carter a.k.a Jay-Z, I first met Jay-Z in 95 when he was still the skinny nigga on the boat, and he used to get his hair cut twice a week at my mothers beauty salon/barber shop. My mother paged me and told me to come meet this rapper, at the time I didnt know who he was. Of course I was late and he jumped out his white Lexus that was in the dead presidents video, and from there I just always picked his brain every time he came to the barber shop, He would take me in his Range Rover and let me listen to tracks and to songs off his upcoming album. I learned a lot from Hova, and appreciate the time he spent kicking it with me, But his first music industry check came at the age of 19, writing 5 songs for a certain Track master when considering returning to rapping. I was nervous as hell, this was right before 50 cent got signed, and Im rapping in front of Tone, Poke and other track masters employees, I kicked like 10 rhymes for them, then Tone said Yo grab a pad I want you to write me two 8 bars rhymes for this remix Till this day that 1st check hangs on his wall along with his Busta Rhymes and Violator plaque.The moment that I knew that I didnt wanna rap anymore, was when I took an intern position at Violator records & management. I saw how the inside of the industry works, and that I could make much more of an impact and money behind the mic instead of in front of it. From interning he received and asst. a&r position under then V.P. of a&r Eric Nicks, and from there he worked on projects such as Busta Rhymes, Missy Elliot, Mobb Deep, JoJo Pellegrino among others.Now he runs his own freelance a&r and Promotions co. named MY W.O.R.L.D. Ent. With clients such as DJ Enuff, Red Café, Gravy, Saigon, Trey Songz etc. With his company he connects signed and unsigned artists with mixtape djs to be placed on upcoming cds, as well as getting tracks and concepts for projects like Enuffs album slated for next year. I am an A&R for the streets he says, I get calls everyday from labels to help them break a new artist. Right now even though I make a good amount off money doing what I do, I want to get back behind a desk with an office, get the right label that sees my vision so I can take them as well as myself to the next level, so I can show the world that I am truly destined to be.
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