Astral Carneval

Eskilstuna, SE
Artist / Band / Musician
Thrash / Death Metal
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-biography of Astral Carneval-

Astral Carneval was formed in Eskilstuna, Sweden in late 2002 by Magnus Vitén and Kenneth Nielsen. With the ambition of creating the most brutal band in the thrashscene they started to build the fundament of the upcoming first recordings, simply called “Astral Carneval”. A few months later, Per Humbla joined in on vocals.

The name “Astral Carneval” was taken by this time. The name is to symbolise “the spiritual ride” of playing music together, that our minds are sort of “free-floating” in the bane of tunes, all in synchronized harmony.

During this first period the drummer of the band was Göte Larsson, who left the band shortly after the pre-recordings of the song “All you ever wanted”. The drums were taken by Jan Vrbec and during the summer of 2003 the band recorded the “Astral Carneval-cd”. After the recordings, bass-player Ivan Jovanovic joined in and the line-up was complete.

Shortley after the release, reviews started to pop up in magazines and zines and gave Astral Carneval nothing but promising words. Gigs started to drop in and a few months later, the band opened for Entombed in Örebro, Sweden.

During this time the band were offered several record-deals that more or less resulted in unserious business that never really saw the light of day. Astral Carneval kept on unsigned and underground.

The line up stayed the same for two more years and during that time A.C played all over Sweden, from Sandviken in the north to Ljungby in the south with bands like Nine, Pain of Salvation, Godhate to mention a few.

In late 2005 the band was entering the studio once again, recording new material of the upcoming cd “Chaos”, which was released during spring of 2006. Shortley thereafter Ivan and Jan decided to leave the band and therefore the drums were temporarily filled in by Henke Borg of the band Satureye and bass temporarily by Mats Vassfjord of the band Scaar.

After a few months, the band found their permanent drummer in young hungry Chilean Lawrence Dinamarca Fernandez of the band Torment. Gigs were continuing played with bands like Face Down, Lillasyster etc.

With new found strength Astral Carneval started to write the music of the bands third cd “Torture of Reality” and in late summer of 2007 the cd was recorded in the Studio Lyhört in Strängnäs. Shortly thereafter the permanent bassposition was taken by Andreas “Fluff” Morén of the band Dead Awaken.

After almost one following year of intense playing and touring, Per decided to leave the band due to personal reasons so therefore Astral Carneval are now searching for a new permanent singer who can give 100% to the band, if you are intrested pleace contact us at:

At the moment the band is working on new material for new recordings in spring of 2009 and we are hungrier than ever!! Keep your eyes and ears open and remember our name!

See ya in the pit!!!!!

Astral Carneval - 2008.

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