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Silver Sprocket
Ashtray is a Punk band out of Sonoma County, California - Home of Emo-kids, Vegans, Hippies and Ashtray.
Here's what some people have said about us:
"Ashtray would kick your ass. They're some nasty punk rockers out of Santa Rosa who swear and scream about hippies, emo kids, drinking and throwing up. But when they sing, you can't hear what they're saying anyway. They're one of the best live bands I've seen in years." - Max Golding, The San Matean
"Davie and Sarah-Jane, at the forefront, tumbling over each other with gutteral eruptions and glass-shattering squeals; Bonnie on the guitar, unleashing piercing, nonstop downstrokes; all grounded by the rhythm section of Joe's hard-hitting drums and a whirl of low end from bassist Shadrock. This is the blue-ribbon recipe that has won Ashtray widespread acclaim opening shows for Blanks 77, the Stitches, and the Suicide Girls.
The key element in Ashtray's impact is one generally lost in a post-millennial hardcore scene: a refreshing, finger-pointing sense of humor. While other bands rob the punk rock convenience store of all laughter, Ashtray hangs out in the beer aisle making fun of their friends for dropping the chips—and in certain instances, like "Joe Morato Bomb," the skewering is done with such bite that the victims have no choice but to capitulate to Ashtray's trademark sing-along choruses and scathing ferociousness." -
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