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Ash-A-Tack began his career at the early age of 15 original playing Raregrooves and Lovers. His career as a Drum & Bass DJ began when he became resident at local boat and house parties. Ash became more recognised when he secured residencies for the infamous thunder & Joy,Telepathy and Rat Packs, The Monday Club.

BM Soho (formely known as Blackmarket Records) was the next big push for his career and becoming part of their collective allowed him to become more accessible to club promoters and clubbers. Soon Ash-A-Tack became a household name appearing on nearly every flyer and events taking place. Events to follow included Roast, Perception, and many more and has now played at most of the biggest drum & bass promotions such as Innovation, Raindance, Slammin Vinyl, Best Of British, United Dance, Pure Science & Trouble on Vinyl.

His international career was obvious to follow his success in the UK and he has featured in some of the largest music magazines and TV appearances across the world. Ash has played in most international territories such as Germany, France, Belgium, Ibiza, Canada, Italy, Brussels and he completed a four-week tour of South Africa covering Capetown, Durban and Johannesburg. In December 2004 was when he hooked up with (a USA based Radio & TV website,) after tuning in and guesting for friend 'Silver Hero's' show. Shortly after guesting for him, he was asked to join the station and began his resident Wednesday night showcase 'Just on track'.

The show didn't take long to become the stations NO1 reaching full capacity in the chatroom, audiences and listeners. He presented it himself and introduces guest UK artists to the USA. In October 2005 Ash-A-Tack joined forces with and is happy to be playing to a bigger audience with the stations listening peak of over 2,000 per show!!! He is excited about the future with bassdrive and all its many many artists, he hopes to also be successful with them. Internet radio has been great, introducing him to a different audience and has enables Ash to meet great new talent and good friends. Being part of the Bassdrive family is one of his biggest priorities right now, becoming part of the team and making it even more successful has to be part of the forthcoming plans to make dnb bigger worldwide.

His first record label Life Records was recognised worldwide and received extensive PR coverage and acknowledgments for tracks such as 'First Limitations', 'You Dont Try' & 'Dont' with fellow partner Alibi. After feeling the industry was moving in a different direction, Ash found a new style and artists that he wanted to push forward. He teamed up with Bassdrive's own DFunk to produce a new label, 'Directors Cut'. Directors' Cut is deep undercover collating an impressive roster of featured artists and tracks soon to be released.

Until then Ash-A-Tack's main focus is to continue DJing Worldwide and continue to grow his weekly show on Bassdrive and do what he loves the most performing and making music.
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