Torpus & The Art Directors - Fall in Love (Official Video) - Video
PUBLISHED:  Jan 29, 2013
"Fall in Love" vom Album "From the Lost Home to Hope"

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Das Album "We Both Need to Accept That I Have Changed" von TORPUS & THE ART DIRECTORS ist überall erhältlich!

Where’s the sparkle in your eyes in which I saw
That you burn for what you are saying?
And the tremble in your voice
that I caused when I called you back?

I still hear your bracelets rattling like a clock
You would clap when I would be singing
about deliveries in songs from heart to heart

We would close our eyes
and fall in love.

On the banks of city rivers we would lie
and say more than we would be talking
Like the poets on the cutters passing by
you would wave to them.

On my carrier you’d dash through summer streets,
With your dress as a sail and me your steersman.
Oh how you still look glorious in summer heat…
I adore you so, I fell in love.

Today she wrote me in a letter
that she heard one of my songs.
First made her float just like a feather,
Then made her know where she belongs.
I watch myself running through the streets,
Towards my kindergarten dreams
To the white day of release
Where she’s healing my disease.
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