Torpus & The Art Directors - I can decide that by myself (Rolling Stone-Session) - Video
PUBLISHED:  Apr 08, 2015
Das Album "We Both Need to Accept That I Have Changed" von TORPUS & THE ART DIRECTORS ist überall erhältlich!

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She came back in the summer
Brought her dress and her long hair
That could do with a cut
I've had something to do
With several things she finds rude
But I've always liked a lot

So it felt kind of bad to receive her
See, I would rather leave
When you are so full of fight
Because I hate to justify myself
But I must if I don't
Wanna be quiet

Wonder if she still remembers
Songs that we sang together
On the merry-go-round
Chanted with such a hypnosis
I did not even notice
That she had fallen down

Still I couldn't see what you're after
I just see that your laughter's
Gone away somewhere else
I'm no longer willing to hide
And what is wrong, what is right
I can decide that by myself

I can decide that by myself
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