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Unconstrained and with tremendous force – that’s a good way to characterize Mick Moss’ performance on ANTIMATTER’s fourth album, “Leaving Eden.” The Englishman has undoubtedly found a way to gather his own power after his composing partner of many years, Duncan Patterson, has left the band – and this power has flown into a kind of music that, lo and behold, has quite a rocking edge at times.

“I wanted to create power and wide spaces in the studio,” Mick says. He was envisioning a “dark and laid-back rock album”, combining the hardest and lightest songs from ANTIMATTER’s history. It seems fitting, then, that Mick invited a more than competent session musician, Anathema’s guitarist Danny Cavanagh, into the studio for the dynamic recordings. The sensitive riffs and melodies do open vast spaces for Mick’s vocals – sounding self-confident and melancholic at the same time – and his personal lyrics with their introspective focus. “The album stands on its own two feet,” Mick acknowledges the changes in sound, which he however doesn’t think are that huge: “I'm walking the line between the overtly emotional stuff a la 'Planetary Confinement', and the more rockier material I was into on 'Lights Out'.” To the listeners, all of the above means that once again they are invited to sit back and join ANTIMATTER on their journey – a lively one at first, then growing ever more pensive to finally end in contemplation.

Like in that line in the album’s last song, “Fighting For A Lost Cause”: “Some things never change” – this is also true of ANTIMATTER’s haunting atmospheres …

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