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"Beautifully fuzzy guitars with bulldozing bottom end.and Britpop-esque vocals? It's Brooklyn's And This Army, and they meld the English '90s shoegazing aesthetic with the heaviness of American atmospheric metal. It's an interesting combination, for sure."

- invisible oranges

". really good schmeary sonics -- very imaginative, and real songwriting to boot! All too rare."

- Clint Conley, Mission of Burma

"This one will make my Best Of 2006 list for sure.

Plenty of bands can be loud, heavy, dissonant, melodic, droney, etc etc etc. But when you hit stop. you realize that was all they had: noise. It's the songwriting of ATA that truly separates them. These songs stay with you."

- noonehereisasking

"There's just this powerfully unexpected, almost surprising sort of underlying pulse to the material that adds an intriguing sense of contrast. Honestly this is a pretty god damn impressive set of tunes.

I'm really floored by the finest moments herein, to the point where certain aspects really hit me in a rare fuckin' manner."

- aversionline

And This Army have crafted six songs that at times have managed to make me drop what I am currently doing and just soak in the melodies. For a trio these guys create a sound that is so full and gorgeous that it's hard to believe that no one has taken a flier on this band yet.

- builtonaweakspot

"Brawny post-rock guitars--beefed up with the sincerity and power of metal--clear the way for this Brooklyn band's sweeping sound. But these wide chords entrance less than the spacious vocals that rise in their wake: uniquely, they're keen to match the axes in sheer acreage."

-, Editor's Pick

"Dissonance, dissonance, and a little more dissonance. That is the name of the game with And This Army. The guitars are laid on thick and hazy, layered in stacks upon stacks. The vocals ride in the midst of this jumble of noise, juxtaposing the confusion with just the slightest touch of pop sensibility."

- mish mash music reviews

And This Army - Foe CD

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