Ana Popovic

Amsterdam, Ne
Artist / Band / Musician
Blues / Rock / Funk
Eclecto Groove Records
You must have heard it before, but I'm telling you; 'being a musician is the BEST job in the World!' You just got to love being on stage, playing LOUD guitar with a strong band backing you up! And the good thing is; I got to do it a lot!!
The blues and I go back a long way It's the only music I've been hearing at home throughout my childhood, and the reason I picked up the guitar and started to play.
I worked very hard getting where I am now. My fathers' (rehearsal-) garage in Belgrade became the Yugoslavian blues scene. Later -after moving to the Netherlands- the Dutch blues scene, then the European blues scene, and now Im already on my 20th US tour! It was a journey without rules. Just possibilities and challenges. And its challenge that gives me my biggest inspiration.
Something that worked in my benefit was my nomination for 'Best New Artist Debut' at the WC Handy Awards in Memphis. I was the first European ever nominated for this award. Then other nominations came; for 'Best Blues Album' at the Jammie Awards in NY City, a three-way European nomination for 'Best Singer','Best Guitarist' & 'Best Album' and a Jazz Award at 'Jazz a Juan Revelation'. At the beginning of 2006 and again in 2009 I was invited to play on the legendary Blues Cruise. In 2007 the readers of 'BluesWax Magazine' nominated me as 'Blues Artist of the Year'. In 2010 I got nominated for the ‘British Blues Awards' for Best Overseas Artist. I'm endorsed by Fender, Mesa Boogie, Yamaha acoustic guitars, Ovation and DR strings.
My album 'Still making History' (2007) was in the US Billboard chart for 19 weeks (top 3 position). My CD 'Blind for Love' (2009) made it to 1 radio-played blues album on US radio.
I play a kind of mainstream blues with a bit of everything; Electric funk and slide guitar, jazzy instrumentals and raw rock, tight blues grooves, acoustic slide and soulful guitar. My sets have something for everyone.
We- guitar players- have something that works in our benefit; the guitar player's audience. It makes us one big family. Its that family that connects Clapton to Steve Vai, and George Benson to John Mayer. And Myspace makes the family even closer!
Don't forget to check out my website at
SURE looking forward to see you at one of my concerts!!

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