Amy Winehouse (Full) The Untold Story - Documentary Channel 5 - Video
PUBLISHED:  Sep 24, 2011
With fans all over the world still struggling to come to terms with her death, a Channel 5 documentary reveals the full shocking truth about Amy Winehouse's tortured private life.

Amy Winehouse: The untold story charts the rise and fall of this extraordinarily gifted but tragically flawed individual -- and hears exclusively from her ex-husband Blake Fielder Civil, talking about their massive drug binges and their stormy relationship.

We hear from an ex-teacher, Amy's former mum-in-law, reporters and photographers who followed her career, and finally a psychologist who talks about the many demons Amy ultimately failed to conquer.

There's also, needless to say, a reminder of her amazing musical talent -- one that catapulted her into a world it seems she just wasn't equipped to cope with.
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