PUBLISHED:  Jun 07, 2012
Song: Venamo
Artist: MPeach
Director: Crystal Moselle
Label: Abstractor
Editor: William Zitser
Producer: Yavana Castillo, Nimodo Producciones
Post & Vfx: Peachtown
Additional Footage by: Alexander Chaparro and Diego Di Marcantonio.
Special thanks to: Adela Pantin, Kike, Tico, Chamel, Harold Capodicasa, Joe, Daniel P, Angelina.

Bailarines/Dancers: Elberth "El Maestro", Madelaine Castro, Robotz Impulse, Cheo "El Smith", Bboy Max, Junior, entre otros!

Venezuelan artist MPeach (a.k.a. Mariana Martin Capriles) teamed up with Director Crystal Moselle to create a music video for the song "Venamo" from MPeach's new EP "Vengo Por Ti." This raw video captures scenes from everyday life in Caracas, Venezuela, including chaotic traffic jams, energetic Tuki dancers and the street vendors that call the city home. Moselle's signature style can be felt throughout this visually compelling journey, focusing not on violence but summer fun in its essence, when there's nothing better to do than drive around with your friends, dance and be alive.
MPeach's sound is a mixture of multiple musical influences, including electronic beats, Afro-Caribbean rhythms, traditional Venezuelan melodies and most strongly by the ghetto-dance style Changa Tuki. Changa, a name used to describe house/electronic music, is wildly popular in Venezuela. As the production of Venezuelan Changa grew in the early 2000s, a number of subgenres of ghetto dance styles appeared, including Hard Fusion (DJ Yirvin) and Raptor House (DJ Baba). For a period, the term Tuki was used as a discriminatory slur against Changa dancers who came from the city's barrios, but it has recently been embraced as the popular name of the scene as a whole. The Tuki dancers are at the heart of the movement. This video highlights these dancers alongside the newfound acceptance their scene has generated.
The song "Venamo" was co-produced alongside the innovative DJs Pocz & Pacheko and remixed by Cardopusher. It's been released on the Caracas based net-label Abstractor, who represents Venezuelan talent worldwide. The work speaks for itself. Press play and enjoy.
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