A.M. Vibe

Solana Beach, California, US
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A.M. Vibe is a female-fronted rock band from San Diego area. Their sound has been described as combining the post-punk aggression of Nirvana and the fuzz of Stooges with the melodies of that like the Carpenters and the pixies. Using their sometimes noisy, sometimes nice approach they deliver simple, irresistible and intelligent songs.

A.M. Vibe finished 2001 with a nomination for "Best Alternative Band" at the San Diego Music Awards, and brought in the New Year by completing a self-produced full-length record with engineer Ben Moore (Ravi Shankar, Rocket from the Crypt). 2002 brought the band another "Best Alternative Band" nomination and the release of their self-titled debut in Japan on Tone Vendor/Inpartmaint. In 2003 A.M. Vibe won Best Local Recording at the San Diego Music Awards.

With the domestic release of the album in 2003 on Silver Girl Records A.M. Vibe turned their efforts back to their live show. They would soon make a name for themselves performing at Super Bowl XXXVII and supporting such national acts as Zwan, Juliana Hatfield, Cat Power, The New Pornographers, ImaRobot and The Buzzcocks .

- A.M. Vibes single Strawberry Pie was featured in Touchstone Films A Lot Like Love starring Amanda Peet and Ashton Kutcher. -You could also find A.M. Vibe on the small screen on FOX Television and on various DVD compilations.-They are placed on the CBS show Cold Case Jan. 2006.

-They have recorded a new record in Feb. 2006 at Egg Chair Studio, Los Angeles, a very special place indeed.

" It's Lolita rock - mixing adult sexuality and narcotic cool with doe-eyed girlish innocencepulled off with the etherealism of good 4AD records.- Few bands can do ironic innocence as well as A.M Vibe. If ' Welcome to the Dollhouse ' had a house band, it would be A.M. Vibe. -You're not sure if you want to fuck Lisah or track down the bastard who stole her candy. At their live shows, she has the rare gift of giving off an awe-striking sensuality while not for one instance cheapening the rocker girl in her. Lisahs girlish vocals are packed with nostalgia; yet the bands craggy rock suggests a more adult state of emotional conflict." Troy Johnson, editor SD City Beat Magazine
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