Albright (Vivian Sessoms)

New Jersey, US
Artist / Band / Musician
Soul / R&B / Alternative

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Soul Tracks

Soul Brother - (UK)

Moodie’s Music - (White Plains, NY)

Birdels - (Bkln, NY)

Record City - (Pasaic, NJ)

Armands - (Phila, PA)

Sound of Market - (Phila, PA)

Kemp Mill Music - (DC)

BK Music - (Richmond, VA)

Nikki’s Music - (Cleveland, OH)

Earwax Records - (Atlanta, GA)

Justin’s Music - (Detroit)

Pearls Music - (Detroit, MI)

Dr Wax - (Chicago)

Dusty Groove - (Chicago)

Music Mania - (Austin, TX)

Music Trader - (San Diego, CA)


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Urban Network Review

"What a mind-blowing surprise-Albright’s Sunny One Day is the most unexpected out-of-left-field slice of lyrical, musical and aural perfection since Aya’s Strange Flower and a qualifier for Best of 2007."

-A. Scott Galloway

Soul Tracks Review"This is organic soul stripped down to it’s bare essentials and it sounds superb!Lead singer Vivian Sessoms has a voice that is beautiful, loved, and blessed. And the band? More on them in just a second.Soft Cell’s early 1980’s classic "Tainted Love" gets smacked, flipped, and rubbed down into a funky 21st century number called "Tainted", while the following track, "Love Can Turn You Around", is a beautiful ode to love in it’s purest form.".more

-Christopher Whaley

Just Soul Review"The album on a whole is great soulful ensemble with great lyrics, excellent production and of course superb vocals. The passion and drive Vivian & Chris have in each song clearly illustrate to the listener how much devotion they have for music. This might explain why a number of listeners may not have heard of Vivian because the music industry lately has been saturated with artists who sing repetitive formulaic lyrics on depressing topics instead of positive uplifting material.".more

-Dwight Barrett

Rolling Out Review

"On their debut release, Sunny One Day, the duo delivers 14 tracks of soulful, pop-influenced hits. Up-tempo beats, solid ballads and exceptional lyrics make this album an instant classic and a satisfying gift for fans who’ve been anxiously awaiting its release.".more

-Adam Jones

This is just a little of what people are saying about ’Sunny One Day’, the new CD and debut release from soul outfit Albright. Sunny is an exciting fuse of Soul, Funk & Pop. This quintessential genre blend is a testament to Albright’s true musicality and is what captivates their fans. With a core that’s been together for 8 years, the relationship between the two founding members is the perfect foundation for the potent sound in their music. In the studio and on stage, Albright’s originality comes across. Fans and industry aficionados alike comment on the bands live shows far surpassing expectations, however high. Albright is comprised of 2 talented and seasoned musicians who have played, recorded and performed with musical icons such as Stevie Wonder, Sinead O’Connor, Rob Thomas, & Roberta Flack to name a few.Albright, and their production company, Black Cherry, is headed by musical partners Chris Parks and Vivian Sessoms. Collectively, they have written or produced for such veterans as Lalah Hathaway (daughter of legendary Donny Hathaway), Ryuichi Sakamoto (composer/pianist), David Morales (producer/DJ) & Neslon Rangell (jazz saxophonist). At a music exec’s suggestion, while re-recording songs they had originally written for another artist, Chris, Vivian and a few of the players on the demo’s began reshaping tunes and writing new material. They instantly realized they had stumbled onto something, thus forming the group Albright. The end result is ’Sunny One Day’, an album recorded over the course of three years at their Suprduprsound Studio in Brooklyn, New York. Striving to make the album an entity unto itself, a complete body of work, and not just a collection of songs, the pair fine-tuned until they were satisfied. A unique mixture of genres, coupled with stunningly beautiful melodies and lush instrumentation, the duo succeeds where many other artists fail, in creating music that has instant familiarity and warmth.If there’s any truth to Vivians credo that you have to "truly believe in what you are saying before anyone else can", then Albright has already won half the battle with ’Sunny One Day’.Albright is shaping up to be the newest, baddest band on the planet.

Darius Booker

Eric Brown

Casey Benjamin

Jenny Douglas McRae

James ’Biscuit’ Rouse

Sherrod Barnes

Cole Williams

Keith Anthony Fluitt

Clayton Bryant

Kenyatta Beasley

Keith Loftis

Queen Aaminah

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