San Diego, US
Artist / Band / Musician
Metal / Rock
Management - LOGAN MADER( Dirty Icon )
Take a life.A scorn life of tears and pain. Take this soul and set it afire to watch it burn and suffer as it see's the depth of it's miserable existence fade out into a bleak white dot. Take this life, set it to film so the world can watch and become entertained by another's relentless decay.And then set AIZEN as the soundtrack.
AIZEN, is one of the few metal bands that have been embraced by women as well as by men, due to the heart Felt tales of lost love belted out by singer Sean Nelson, a charismatic performer who bleeds for the audience through his words.
In a live setting, AIZEN has to be seen to be believed. The band projects a confidence usually found at the arena level, a status they are destined to achieve. The passion that front man Sean Nelson emotes on stage will leave you with tears in your eyes and a knot in your stomach.
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