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Indie / Pop Punk / New Wave
K, Magic Marker
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AGSFB was formed in the summer of 1998. Jen was in the Softies at the time and met Kim at a Softies show at Thee O in Portland Oregon. Kim gave Jen a tape of her band at the time, Cherry Ice Cream Smile. The next day, the Softies left on a six week tour and Jen listened to the tape over and over in the car, and promised herself that she would contact Kim when she got back into town. At the time, indie bands like Cherry Ice Cream Smile were a rarity in Portland, and Jen wanted to make sure that she and Kim stay in contact. They did, indeed, stay in touch, and Kim had a plan; She was also friends with Kathy and Ari, who Jen hadn't met yet. Kim arranged a practice, and that was the first time they all met. An instant friendship was born, and the ladies have been rocking ever since. Late in 2004, Ari had an adorable baby boy and decided that she would like to focus her attention on being a new mom. Kathy, Jen and Kim decided that they would continue playing as a 3-piece band. Their third full length album "Looking Into It" is out now on AGSFB Music.

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