chemnitz, DE
Artist / Band / Musician
Punk / Hardcore
bandworm records
You should take the normal life from four guys, which made music since 1990.

Add some anger and experience, some hardcore (not this so called newschool shit) and some punkrock - Lousy is ready!

The band exist over 11 years and they played so called Aggro Punk,

which means no more as an exploding mix between the aggression of Hardcore and melodic Punkrock. The name was created from a swedish fanzine which describes the music of Lousy in the best way.

A 7inch (Bullet on the rocks 1998 Bandworm Rec.), three Longplayers (Best

wishes 2001 and The Babylon district in 2003 via Knock-Out Records

and A good round deserves another via Bandworm 2006 ), a DVD to the 10th anniversary called 'Memories & Calories' , one European tour with Englands legend GBH, a tour through russia, five times at the biggest german festival for punk and metal (www.withfullforce.de) and many shows with bands like Agnostic Front, Blood For Blood, Madball, U.S.Bombs, Bonecrusher, Turbo A.C.'s, Oxymoron, Loikaemie, Smoke Blow tell an own


Finally, the music which Lousy plays is accept and support in punk and also

hardcore. But the best way to check out the music from Lousy is to go to an

concert with them and feel the AGGRO-PUNK!
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