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Aggressive Dogs was founded in 1982 in Kyushu, Japan.

In 1990, the band was signed by Nippon Crown and their 3rd album, "Truth & New's

After forming the Hardcore Crew "Shaines" in 1987, Aggressive Dogs played a "Guerilla" Concert in front of a popular train station in Kokura and Shimonoseki in 1998. This attracted over 3,000 people and a lot of press covered for a newspaper and more. In the same year, their first album "SHUT UP! FIELD OF THE DOWN" was released by TAD MUSIC. Media" was released.

After constant touring, their 4th album "Don't Leave Blood Out" was released by Shanes Records/Wild Kids.

In 1997, Aggressive Dogs launched their own label, "STOMPIN' GROUND" and released their 5th album "Counter Plot".

In 1998, the nationwide Hardcore Crew "LYCAON" was formed.

The UZI-ONE produced event, “STOMPIN’ NITE” started its history from here.

In 1999, Aggressive Dogs went to Boston to record their 6th album “We Never Trade”, produced by Matt Henderson (of Agnostic Front/Madball). With the release of the album, Aggressive Dogs set out on "Lycaon Never Trade Tour 99". The same year, UZI-ONE produced and released "10Templates", an international hardcore compilation album including Skarhead, Refused and many Japanese bands.

Aggressive Dogs played in Korea for the very first time as Japanese band and one of their performances was stopped by Korean government officials because of the excessive crowd.

In 2000, Aggressive Dogs recorded their 7th album "SUCCEED" in New Jersey for UNIVERSAL. This album was produced again by Matt Henderson.

In 2001, the second volume of the international hardcore compilation "10TEMPLATES 2" was released on VAP. Aggressive Dogs released a single also on VAP. The single blended Japanese Hardcore with Hip Hop by featuring one of Japan’s Top Rap artists, RAPPA GARIYA. They also tour Korea for the 2nd time and played on a Korean music festival.

In 2003, UZI-ONE produced a new compilation released by SONY called “UNITY”. Aggressive Dogs recorded a song for "CLASH tribute", released by Sony.

Aggressive Dogs set out on tour for all over Japan with Murphy’s Law.

In 2004, Crown released Aggressive Dogs 8th album featuring 54 guests, including some of the most popular Japanese musicians.

In 2005, Crown re-released Aggressive Dogs 1st album when their 8th album with a bonus DVD was released. UZI-ONE was also featured on a song on the new "Dragon Ash" album, this album hits the 1 sales chart in Japan!

They played 150 shows a year with having two Japan tours and a Korea tour for the third time. UZI-ONE launched a new event "STOMPIN NITE presents M.V.M".

In 2006, Aggressive Dogs joined some of Japanese top artists on the "DEATH NOTE" tribute album (Death Note is a famous Japanese comic book), which was released on BMG. This compilation found its way in the top 10 sales in Japan.

2007 celebrates the 25th anniversary of Aggressive Dogs with a tour with NYHC Legend Agnostic Front in April and a tour with Murphy’s Law, MADBALL, and H2O in May.
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