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I guess one phrase that describes me is "overcoming the inevitable yet struggle'n with the basics."Another is "this particular,perpendicular,xtra curricular path exceeds lines.Off road like vehicular math-matical letters to better my position.Poetic justice must be the name of my mission"The names' AFTERSCHOCK.A deep, dirty south of ALABAMA(Mobile)underground,positive,motivational,poet/m.c./lyricist.Im now 26 years old and a little over 4 years deep into my hiphop journey.I started rapp'n at age 22 due to a lot of factors in my impossible equation of hardships,bad decisions,and unanswered questions.I was heart broken,sick of watch'n my friends fall on the drug route of "no return.My little brother(J.J.)who has Down Syndrome was rapp'n some garbage off of the radio,and i told him i'd give him something "good" to rap about.Ive always played the roll of the "friend/motivater/outspoken/reality checker/leader who wanted to help everyone guy.So i picked up my pen and its been nonstop hiphop ever since.Im presently in a group called "SubjecTmAtTerS"(S.T.A.T.S.=Speak The Advice That Saves)We do more local shows than we can keep track of.535,A.K.A. "the freestyle professor"brings a street smart suave ill flo that keeps cats listen'n to how his riddles play out.D.J. FRAGMENT on the 1's and 2's bringn the sick tracks and scratches.And theres me.the nonfreestylen writen madman.We have a burning desire to relate to EVERYONE.So "check da S.T.A.T.S.!I put out a solo album 12-30-5 called "Schock Vizion."It was a 40 day/40 night project intended to spark a fire on the local scene.That it did!Of course CAP'M HOOK A.K.A. "MOBTOWNE REVIVAL laid the hooks n" bluesy n.o. street corner-jazzy beats.Also J2DAI the beatbox man ripped it up on a few tracks.STNIC and DUSK brought the heat on the "SonRise"track,535 killed it on the freestyles,outro,and "GET LIFTED track.Microphone Messengers/PISTOL PETE brought that banger.Since then,MOB-TOWNES been on the rise!C-STUBBS A.K.A. "the beat prez" layn dope track after track/JFAM has been involved in a good bit of whats to come.the list goes on and on(.to be continued later
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