Afrodisiac Soundsystem

LOS ANGELES, California, US
Artist / Band / Musician
Afro-beat / Hip Hop / Disco House
The beginnings of ASS date back a few years ago to when Jed and DJ Haul got together to form Afrodisiac Records, reissuing and remixing some of the super rare West African funk tracks that Jed had brought back from a 5 month long record hunting expedition through Ghana, Ivory Coast, Guinea, Senegal, and Mali. Through Afrodisiac they released two compilations of West African Funk, 'Booniay' and 'The Danque', as well as 12" remixes of several of the cuts by both themselves and the dub legend Scientist. Alongside this, the two released the first of the Afroheats, 12" mashups of African funk and afrobeat with old school party rockers as food for DJ's working to keep it funky on the dancefloor. 2003 saw the retirement of Afrodisiac to focus on mashups and original material as ASS, and the

arrival of the indominable Mason on the scene. Since then, ASS has released a slew of Afroheats, original 12's and remixes, spreading the word of down and dirty retro future funk. ---------------------"This time around chops have increased to Iron Chef level- none of this line-the-records-up-and-record-it business (winking at you Cos)-somebody's been putting in some time at the edit block and it shows."-Turntable Lab ----------------------"Good God go track this shit down! Like NOW. Grandmaster Flash meets 80s electro meets Afrobeat meets trashcan loft-jazz a la Liquid Liquid. No Doubt this is hot as hell."-XLR8R ------------------"Goldmine dub plates of raw, energetic heaters."-ReUp Press
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