Adam Rogers - Compound Note Groupings Guitar Lesson - Video
PUBLISHED:  Sep 22, 2016
Full Video at

Description: In the first part of this follow-up guitar lesson series (3 & 4), acclaimed guitarist Adam Rogers shows you how to add rhythmic interest to your playing. Adam discusses and demonstrates how to utilize compound note groupings within your jazz vocabulary so that you can seamlessly integrate these concepts into your soloing and accompaniment. If you want to take your guitar playing to the next level, this jazz guitar masterclass is for you.

* There is an accompanying PDF for this series which includes the embedded notation from the videos. It is part of the bundle package above or it can be purchased separately here.

Topics Covered: Guitar, Compound Note Groupings, Phrasing Across The Bar Line, Exercises, Improvisation, Accents, Subdivisions, Odd Phrases, Eighth Notes, Triplets, Giving Your Lines Character, Jazz, Groupings When Comping, Etc.
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