Achtung Rakete

Villingen, Baden-Württemberg, De
Artist / Band / Musician
Experimental / Rock / Surf
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Das Cover für unsere erste Platte auf Rhythm Island Records! Im Königsformat 10-inch + CD. Release im Frühling 2009. Artwork: Marcel Bontempi

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First of all, ACHTUNG RAKETE loves you!!!
POWER SURF is the top new brand of the ACHTUNG RAKETE Music Group.
It contains tight beats, tough rhythms and emotional guitars spilling blood and soul.
The 4 guys got a feeling for electrocute music, which cries out from a heart full of love and stomps with force and pressure!
Let them take you to the place where spies get beat, surf and rock gets rolled and where garage doors are gaping wide open.
So you better get up, get hip, get cool with the magnificent sound of the ACHTUNG RAKETE Music Group.
Call it straight rockin sound!

Read Surf-Guru Phil Dirt's recent review (from on 2 of our songs that appeared on Herbert Hooke's Krautsurf compilation:
"Ojo Misiles" ****
Surf Instrumental (stereo)
Surf and Euro melody structures mix together in a splendid track. Delicate and engaging, "Ojo Misiles" has a lush island sound and very friendly melody. Great drums and rich textures command attention. Excellent.
"Ménage à Trois" *****
Surf Instrumental (stereo)
Just a touch dark, "Menage a' Trois" portrays a saucy sense of adventure. Its unusual melody and arrangement add a slight carnival edge, and drums round out the track with perfection. Cool and a little nervous, yet very satisfying.

."(.)die großartigen "Achtung Rakete" darf man eigentlich nicht verpassen. Ein unvergleichliches Schauspiel ist es, wenn die Raketenjungens ihre Charme -Offensive starten. Dann kann man, wie bei kaum einer anderen Kapelle, sehen wie Mädchen reihenweise äußerst elegant vor Verzückung umfallen." 1234rock;


Sartanas Last Stand, Live in Karlsruhe 2008

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