Koga, Fukuoka, JP
Artist / Band / Musician
Visual / Breakcore / Disco House
Absurdity.Biz, Tiger Claw, Phthalo, Net-Lab
Bent 2004 - 2006 Circuit Bending Festival Documentary DVDs now available!

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Live Acid on the Beach

Dr. Rek jacks the house live at Bent fest NYC 2007

"Look, I just want to sit here, and I’d like to turn this machine on, and whenever it does something good, I want to record it at that point." --Raymond Scott

Click for HD Dr. Rek Live Acid set Japan May 2007 from Derek Sajbel on Vimeo.

"This is what I am fighting for: the prevention of emotional human misery by the establishment of a normal and natural - that is, orgastically satisfying human life in the masses of people. To any group or individual intent ling the lives and thoughts of others, these are the words of a truly dangerous man.

Dr. Rek : The Business of Absurdity 12" vinyl EP now available featuring MORE COWBELL!!!

Dr. Rek began writing and performing songs with Chris Hixon and others back in 1994 under many names, which lead to finally in 1998 to the recording of Nirvana 2 : Electric Boogaloo

Dr. Rek went to college and fell into the rave thing for a quick minute and made an improv electro album with a few friendsLanguage Problem : anguage roblem LP

Dr. Rek went to Japan to study abroad and met Dustin Wasserman where he started the project Fuzakenna with him in the Mellow Dolphin Jazz Orchestra Storege Closet and a 4-track recording the album Japanese Man’s Dead Face

Dr. Rek and Dustin met again in Oregon in 2002 and recorded the Everything We Do Is Gold EP

Dr. Rek then met Andy Ben and started the circuit bending volumes in 2003 with DnA Bent vol. 1

Inspired by Bogdan Raczynski, Andy Ben began writing tracks in impulse tracker for him and Dr. Rek to play bentruments over when they played live, Recipe heard the pieces and demanded to play cello with them and Zef Renirh’s first incarnation Exaxes was born. David Leher got in the mix with his trumpet and the band went thru many names like the beeraucracy and baby canal, finally adopting their true cult nature, they doned Shriner Fez and became Zef Renirhs

Meanwhile, a sasquatch from way north named Germs met Dr. Rek and they started the John Cage Match know as I think this place is haunted

Dr. Rek and Andy Ben decided to get more singers in the mix and added the talents of the lovely Marianne, Yoko, Qrixs, Blanket, Recipe & David Leher to second circuit bending anthology DnA vol. 2

Germs returned from the Great White North again the following year and more ghosts made appearances on I still think this place is haunted

Dr. Rek has developed his live DJ skills and has manyl vinyl mixes online, available here

Zef Renirhs performed over 50 times in the LA vicinity from 2003-2006, they dispelled when Dr. Rek moved to Japan and the cult leaders, Furby and Wuv Luv went on sabbatical. Many of the members of Zef Renirhs can now been found performing monthly with former Devo drummer, Alan Myers, in his band Skyline Electric

Chris Hixon of Nirvana 2 formed Baboon Torture Division

Dr. Rek formed two new groups in Japan,

Denki Poo and Poopie Kewpie,

recordings of their lives sets can be found on the Absurdity.Biz podcast
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