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4th Race was founded in 2002 by siberian multi-instrumentalist Vladiswar Nadishana in Cheremshanka village (south Siberia). The European line up was started in 2006 in Berlin (Germany).
The style of the Trio 4th Race could be described as contemporary ethnic music. Three unusual musicians had found each other to search musical paths besides the mainstream. The music of the trio is created under the strong influence and the deep research of ethnic music from all over the world.
Using the name which comes from the mythology of South Siberian Kuzhebar minority, musicians appealing to so called "fourth race" or "fourth people" - mythological tribe of open-minded travellers, sorcerers and creative people. As tales says they had no limits in creativity. The conception of 4th Race Trio was inspired by this tales and legends. Band members are trying to keep and develop the intention and approach of those ancient people in their own music.
Although 4th Race Trio uses a lot of instruments from different cultures, they don't try to copy or reproduce any of their inspiration sources. Music is originally composed by members of the band. The compositions and the style of the band have their own unique face and instantly recognizable.
The musicians of the band came from different countries and have different musical backgrounds such a folklore, jazz and contemporary academic music. So they bring their reach different experience together to create organic crossover blend of styles, something new and refreshing. The musicians are drastically experimenting in undiscovered field of multi-cultural fusion.
The intention of the 4th Race Trio is to bring the new life to forgotten cultures and instruments and integrate them into the modern musical context. Musicians trying to find the common denominator between different musical traditions including non-western ethnic cultures and contemporary jazz.
The concert of the trio is multi-instrumental show where in each song the particular ethnic instrument is being represented. During their performance 4th Race use captivating visual backgrounds created by Nadishana which are based on ancient Siberian pyrograms (sacral symbols burnt with fire) mixed with computer graphics.
The instruments: mandola (Italy), bansuri (India), kalyuka (Russia), tsaaj nplaim (Laos), tamboura (Bulgaria), hulusi (China), gaida (Bulgaria), khomus (Siberia), morsing (India), kou xiang (China), berimbao (Brazil), tabla (India), tonbak (Iran), riq (Lebanon), frame drums, darbuka (Turkey), cajon (Spain), tar (Sudan), udu (Africa), fretless and fretted bass, acoustic bass.

Vladiswar Nadishana (Composer, Multi-Instrumentalist), Siberia: The one-of-a-kind Multi-Instrumentalist, Composer, Producer, Web-Designer, Video-Artist and Dancer creates his own original method in each of these fields of art. His musical style is a creative synthesis of different musical traditions and modern technologies. It could be described as ethnic fusion, world music, ethno jazz or world fusion. Nadishana plays brilliant on more than 100 instruments of the world (including self-build creations) with a style he developed by himself. He also created a method of advanced digital editing (sound micro-surgery) www.myspace.com/nadishana www.nadishana.com
Tobias Fleischer (Electric Bass, Fretless Bass, Double Bass, Composition), Germany: The versatile bass-player Tobias Fleischer feels at home in several musical fields as the Gypsy-Swing Trio "Absinti", a Duo with Persian singer Sahrin Rezal and Fusion Concerts with Sextett or Quartett. During his studies in Liverpool he toured and recorded with the contemporary Flamenco Ensemble "El Nombre" and the multi-national formations "Revolution Latina" and "Sweetmonk" in the UK, Wales, France, Germany and Spain. Festival gigs at Brafford Mela, Session Fawr, Feria de Bellavista, for the Cervantes Institute and on BBC Radio. His playing on 5- and 6-string Bass and his innovative use of delay effects is highly unique www.myspace.com/tobiasfleischer tobiasfleischer.de

Oori Shalev (Tabla, Percussion), Israel: Musician, sound artist and computer integration specialist. born in Israel, now residing in Berlin.
Plays drum set, tabla and percussions.
He has performed in different fields with various groups and artists, such as: free-jazz (tabula rasa, sergey letov, dave dove), contemporary classic (carlos sandoval - Lange Nacht der Museen), mid-east groove (anat zoe tuvia - Morgenland festival), blues (rosa king - Shantipi festival), sound installations (the-tilt).
As a part of 'the-tilt' group, he designed the tree interaction network (in 'Sotavento') and has preformed with the trees in VI Festival de San Luis using tabla and digital processing.
Currently, he develops and combines sensing hardware, computer software and customized tuned-percussions in his sonic journeys.
www.myspace.com/oori www.ooish.com
4th Race Trio at Musicastrada Festival:

Twisted Dance

Vladiswar Nadishana - kalyuka (russian overtone flute)
Tobias Fleischer - bass
Oori Shalev - tabla
Tsaaj Nplaim

Vladiswar Nadishana - composition, Tsaaj Nplaim (Laos flute)
Tobias Fleischer - bass
David Kuchermann - udu, perc.
Concert @ Zimt & Zunder
Something Behind

Vladiswar Nadishana - italian mandola
Tobias Fleischer - bass
David Kuckhermann - riqq, cajon, morsing

Vladiswar Nadishana - chinese Hu-Lu-Si
Tobias Fleischer - bass
David Kuckhermann - percussion

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