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The third instalment of 'Pure Hardcore Breaks'

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2Fresh 005 out now!

2Fresh 005, Click on below track names for clips:

A- No More Tears - Enzyme & Malice

AA- Devil Inside - Mulder

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ENZYME & MALICE in poland

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ENZYME & MALICE in Seville (Spain)


Enzyme - Bandwagon 92s (unreleased Distortionz Remix)


Enzyme - Bandwagon 92s (unreleased Luna-C Kniteforce Remix)


Malice and Enzyme first met whilst studying Sound Engineering at College in 1999/2000, however as they were in different classes they didn't really get to know each other until later. After finishing the course they were both heavily into D'n'B as well as Old Skool Hardcore and Enzyme invited Malice to play on a London FM pirate he was on. From this they began making tunes together in Enzyme's Brixton based studio and it wasn't long before they were making plans to set up a D'n'B label. At the same time however, they'd made a couple of hardcore tracks in classic 1992 style and it dawned on them that if Old Skool Hardcore is still so popular why not have a go at setting up a New Old Skool (as it was called before the term 'Hardcore Breaks' thankfully caught on) label??? There were a number of people already releasing faster Breakbeat Hardcore (160bpm - 180bpm) but the duo were quite keen to try and focus on pushing the slower side of things. It turned out they were not alone when they came into contact with Darkus and Vinyl Junkie who were also making moves to set up their own label called 'Warehouse Wax'.

In late 2003 they launched 2Fresh Records with the 'Show Me The Future' EP with tracks from Malice & Enzyme, Darkus and Tension. This was a big success and a few months later they followed up with the 'Bandwagon 92's' EP which was an even bigger success, crossing over and getting a lot of interest from the Nu Skool Breaks scene and the D'n'B scene. Their next release was the 'Malice in Wonderland' EP which was on a much darker and modern sounding tip and again, attracted a lot of interest from the NSB & D'n'B scenes. At the same time something had to be done with the name 'new old skool', as if there was any chance of really pushing this sound forward it needed more of an identity. They started to call their stuff, and anything else being released/produced in the same style 'Hardcore Breaks' and although met with some resistance at first, the term gradually caught on.



2Fresh Records 001 :: The Show Me The Future EP

A: Show Me The Future - Malice & Enzyme

AA2: '92 Crew - Enzyme

2Fresh Records 002 :: The Bandwagon 92's EP

A1: Bandwagon 92's - Enzyme

A2: Invasion - Kingsize & Enzyme

AA1: Watch Me - Malice

AA2: Lost in Space - Malice

2Fresh Records 003 :: The Malice in Wonderland EP

A1: Wonderland - Malice

A2: Listen to the Hoovers - Portal

AA1: Whatever it Takes - Enzyme

AA2: We Call Drop - Enzyme

2Fresh Records 004

A: The Virus - Malice & Enzyme

2Fresh Records 005 (out soon)

A: No more Tears - Malice & Enzyme


2FX Vol. 1

A: Bad Habits - Portal

AA: Really Wanna Party - Portal

2FX Vol. 2

A: Keep it Comin - Portal

AA: Ain't No Body - Portal

2FX Vol. 5

A: Deeper Underground - Portal

AA: Got to Have it - Portal

2FX Vol. 7

A: Bad Habits Remix - Portal

AA: Frozen Breaks - Portal

2FX Vol. 8

A: Feeling You - Portal

AA: Warehouse Glory - Gizmo

Data Audio 001

A: Close Encounters - Enzyme & Malice

AA: Thru The Wormhole - Enzyme


Nu-Basement 001

- Colonies - Enzyme and Malice

- In The Groove - Enzyme and Malice

Nu-Basement 003

- Bassdriver- Enzyme

Warehouse Wax :: We're not Dead LP

- Play Back the Music - Enzyme

Hardcore Projectz 004

- Screwface - Enzyme

Hardcore Projectz 007

- Go Insane - Malice

Firewall Records 001

- On & On - Malice

Bass Invaderz 004

A: Dream Machine - Distortionz V's Enzyme

AA: Hard Drug Abuse - Distortionz V's Enzyme

Tornado Records 005

- Life On Mars - Malice & Reckless


Piano Progression (Malice remix) - Luna-C - KFA 034

Take me Away (Luna-C & Enzyme remix) - Jimmy J & Cru-l-t - KFA 037 EXEC

DJ's in Full Effect ((Luna-C & Enzyme remix) - Jimmy J & Cru-l-t - KFA 037

In Complete Darkness (Portal remix) - The Fat Controller

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