Sean Lee

OAKLAND, California, US
Artist / Band / Musician
Gothic / Trip Hop / Southern Rock
Multi-Form Cabinet/!1manBanjo!+
DrumStringer 1 man banjo band, the artist formerly known as Sean Lee a.k.a. 1manbanjo, one man banjo ect.has now been pressured by the drummer and tambourine player to change the name of the band, and tho it may still read "1 man banjo" on the bass drum for the time being, the new working title for the project is "drum stringer" over 13 years in the making, I'm ready to write the next chapter. here's a brief description from my past: one guy plays the bass drum with one foot tied behind his back (jk) the other is a tambourine player by the name of lefty, the drummer is called mr. goodfoot. banjolismo mysteriosos is the the banjo player's name and I am witch doctor leopold on the microphone jazz jam. I do a one man band thing, it's funky, I like hip(py) hop & abstract swamp rock with striped socks & glammy glitter. I like the gobbelin style, harlequin patchwork, mixed with various bits of this & that. I am good at what I do and ready to prove it, so make me an offer.

I'm looking for gigs & I'm not too picky;

I will play your birthday, barbecue, wedding, theme party or open up for your band, burlesque, cabaret, vaudeville variety circus show and get your crowd ready to rock, roll, cut loose & have a blast. bona fide! I can play a 30-45 minute set or longer or shorter/multiple sets/themes. to book me just follow the email link at my site & send your proposal to: , here, or to

It's just me, my banjo, kick drum, and a tambourine. I've been working on this shtick for over 13 years, and I ain't stopping any time soon. I have several full length c.d.s available, heres a list of titles: Hoodoo Vaudeville (2002), A Ghost Tree (2004 with selects from HV album), Harlequin King (2005-6, self produced and featured in the 2007 timelapse video of burning man), Pedestrian (2007), Phoenix Tail Feather (2008-9) and Hum Dinger (2009, my latest to date). I also have a collection of self produced volumes of expiramental tracks (some of it quite nice) , a handful of unreleased live albums and a noteworthy album of the music of Cheshire rock opera (with songbook), which as of 2010 is celebrating it's 7th year. I will be making my way around the bay area as well as planning tours to the surrounding areas. If you like this, check out my other band the Hobo Gobbelins , for a boot stompin hootenanny good time!!! .


SOUND REQUIREMENTS (please read for booking): I need direct line in for banjo or if not available an instrument mic on a stand, short stand & mic for bass drum kick,stand & mic for tambourine, I bring my own vocal mic and holder.

I can also do a straight accoustic set, however, you may not be able to hear the vocals as well, especially in larger areas or outside events where many subtle nuances may be lost.


set length is flexible (30-45minutes=no problem), a great opening act, only needs about 5-10 minutes to set up/sound check. if info about the event is available, I like to tailor my sets to match the venue.


I play swamp glam, hoodoo blues, banjo funk, old timey tunes, gobbelin music, bittersweet & 4 dimensional romantic numbers, pirate & drinking songs, hobo & trainriding traditionals, excerpts from the cheshire rock opera, selections from our current collective of songwriters (see hobo gobbelins, sour mash hug band, chainz, accordion plague, ect.), and what I call the harlequin theory and the patchwork of songs which is it's legacy.


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