the 13th Floor Elevators - You're Gonna Miss Me (1966) - Video
PUBLISHED:  Feb 10, 2009
return of my reworked version of this Austin Texas band "the 13th Floor Elevators" classic performed in 1966. Added extra visuals here and there and remastered track with a bit more punch. As ever the original owners of the footage take the credit and if they wish me to remove it then just mail me.
A short note: the Elevators could have been commercially huge but were cursed with bad luck on the way culminating in the mental demise of Roky Erickson due to being placed in a mental hospital for (in the main part) the criminally insane as an example to the youth in Texas that drugs would not be tollerated. The subsequent raid that put him there arrested him with about 3 grams of Marijuana in a matchbox (speculation is that it was planted on him in the first place) unfortunately as Roky was "Roller Coaster"ing with a much worse mental illness due to certain therapies they used at the time the rest of the band eventually folded and went their separate ways and then any chance for a full reunion was lost when the guitarist Stacey Sutherland died from a shot wound by his estranged wife in the late 70's. All in all a sad story and for those interested its worth checking out the documentary about Roky called "you are going to miss me" also the guy deserves an induction into the RnR hall of fame so please take a moment to sign the petition at this link: Again my credit to the original footage owners and rights owners I will remove this or credit them if they so wish.
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