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The Young Grey Horse singers originally got their start as a club drum in high school in 1994. They were then know as the Eagle Claw Society singers, a club which was founded by the late Wayne Bear Medicine. He was tha original leader of the Young Grey Horse Society drum. He was the teacher to many of the members of the group. During their existence in high school, they focused on their goal to achieve a status as a well known group who travelled and participated at various powwows. They took on tha task of practicing every day for 3 to 4 hours anywhere they could.(for instance a small shack, a corral and various homes that were open to them). They started out singin the songs of well know groups, like Northern Cree, Blackstone, Red Bull and Blacklodge and of course Eyabay!!, groups who later inspired them to sing contemporary songs incorporating words into them.
But they were then faced with a setback because of the loss of their beloved teacher Wayne who passed away in the summer of 1995, due to cancer. But before his passing he always told them that they should set up at powwows and sing by themselves because he was getting to sick to sing anymore. With this they learned a valuable lesson because at the annual NAID powwow here in browning that same year, he deliberately skipped a song so we would have to sing by ourselves. Man we sucked but we got thru it.LOL. After that he told the young men that they would have his permission to use the name Young Grey Horse society, but after his passing the boys decided that instead of carrying on the name to its full extent they would drop the society at the end and begin a new path with the name "YOUNG GREY HORSE". And ever since that day when they first sang at Heart Butte in 1995, this is tha name that they would gain Fans and noteriety under. Today the group has many different faces singing at the drum but the spirit and life of the drum could still be felt. They chose to do a recording in memory of this at the Heart Butte powwow in 2006. all though there were only 8 members present, this recording was still a success and tha path of making music is still being followed today. So this is a brief history of the group that we are happy to share and hope you all enjoy the music we choose to share. Thank you.
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