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I am the child of a beautiful, gifted black woman from El Paso, Texas, and a gangster, lion of a man from Mobile, Alabama. Somehow they met in Sacramento, CA, and conceived Anerae Brown. Thus, here I am.

Life was good for a while for me and my big sister, until my maternal grandmother died. My mother lost her mind in grief and was never quite the same, understandably. My sister left the house at 16. Shortly afterward, my little family broke apart and I bounced all around the country with my mother, a self-professed "gypsie."

We lived with family in Waco, TX. (What up Trendwood, Sherman Mannors?! What up, The Village?! East Waco!) We went from there to Ft. Worth, and back to Waco; from Waco to Huntsville, Alabama, to Mobile and Prichard. (What up Happy Hill! The Martin Family runnin' it!). I went from Prichard to Waco, from Waco to Ft. Worth and back to Waco. Finally, we went from Waco back to my hometown of South Sacramento, and from there it was all bad.

I felt that my mother had spent quite a few years trying to abandom me, so as soon as we got back to Sac, I left. I was in the streets, looking for love.

I hooked up with Jerome "Big J-Dogg" McCoy (RIP) and Big Slim Dogg, a couple of 24th Street Garden Blocc Crips, and was initiated into the set in the summer of 1990.

I was an avid hip hop fan, having witnessed its rise as a music and cultural power in my pre and early teens. I had taken to writing rhymes and freestyling and had gotten pretty good at it. I met a DJ named Percy Hunter who taught me how to sample records and write actual songs with verses, bridges and hooks. I then met budding Sacramento rapper Sicx, who introduced me to budding star Brotha Lynch Hung, who took what Percy had taught me to another level. I wrote songs with them, as well as with fellow Garden Blocc Crip, C-Bo, and began to shape what would come to be my more hardcore brand of hip hop. released my first project, the heavily NWA influenced Ni**az In Blacc, in the spring of 1991.

I paid for my studio time by selling crack cocain purchased from fellow Crips who wished me well and wanted to help me succeed. I met Micko "Young Meek" Your, who began to finance production of what would become my second album, Psycho Active. Young Meek was an alleged drug dealer with money and connections. I introduced him to Brotha Lynch Hung.

Myself, Young Meek, Brotha Lynch Hung, and C-Bo went to see Cedric Singleton of Black Market Records and I obtained a deal for Psycho Active.

I had been in and out of jail for gun possession, grand theft auto, armed robbery, drug possession and joy riding, as I got in deeper and deeper with the Garden Blocc Crips. I was in a struggle between the need to commit myself fully to music amnd my desire to run the streets. Both at once were not possible, but I did not know that at the time.

I was eventually arrested, along with 5 other men, for gang related homicide. Psycho Active was released shortly thereafter and caused significant controversy.

While in the Sacramento County Jail, I recorded and released my third album, Xorcist, introducing Luni "Lunasicc" Coleone, with producer LA Chill, which was met with even more controversy. Articles appeared in The Source, Murder Dog Magazine, 4080 Magazine, Playboy, Vibe and other reputable publications, as well as extensive news media coverage.

I was eventually convicted of gang related homicide and sentenced to 31 years to life in prison. While at DVI in Tracy, California, I gave C-Bo a song titled, Deadly Game, that would also cause great controversy for what was considered propagation of violence toward law enforcement officials. C-Bo's parole was violated and he was arrested for having recorded the song. He was eventually cleared after his attorneys argued that the arrest was a violation of his First Amendment Right to Freedom of Speech.

Since my incarceration, I have been the cornerstone of Black Market Records, founded Bloc Star Entertainment, and released over a dozen albums, a fact that prompted Playboy magazine to write, "Talk about determination." It has long been debated how the songs were recorded, a fact that remains a mystery to this day. I am rightfully considered one of the most prolific writers in Hip Hop history, having written and released close to 300 songs in my career, as well as having written dozens of songs for a variety of artists. All of this in spite of imprisonment.

There was a point in my life where I advocated violence and gang-bangign because I was immature and uneducated. have matured through the years and reached the conclusion that I have a responsibility to be honest with myself as well as everyone else, as music is a powerful and influential medium. No need to be too serious, considering that it is just entertainment; however, I believe we the artists have a responsibility to identify our reality from our fiction. With that in mind, I try to be a voice of logic and reason for my generation. I try to show the youth tthat a voice can be positive and strong at the same time, something that must be taught because we are presently dealing with a generation that considers positivity to be "soft." It is my life's mission to change this perception. Maybe in doing so I can balance my scales before the day I'm judged for the things I've done. Lord knows, it's ugly. Wish me luck.

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2009 will be a huge year for X-Raided and Bloc*Star Entertainment. It's the re-launch of the label with X-Raided back at the forefront how it should be. He's coming to claim what's his.




The Unforgiven vol. 1

Vengeance is mine

Nefarious: Speak of the devil

Madman The initiation

Sac-a-indo: City of Kings


And he shall appear

X Filez vol 1: 24 gbc

X-Filez vol. 2: Unforgiven with a vengeance

X-Filez vol. 3: The Madman era

X-Raided & Loki: Ignition

Eternally Unforgiven

The Unforgiven v.1: In the Beginning. the collectors edition available 9.22.09

The Unforgiven v.2: Assisted Suicide available 9.22.09

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