X Raided

Sacramento, California, US
Artist / Band / Musician
Hip Hop / Rap
Born in Waco, Texas Anarae Brown and his family moved to Sacramento, California when he was young. They lived on the Garden Block, a gang infested area. X Raided (Anrae Brown) released his first album in 1992 called Psycho Active. Shortly before the album was released X Raided was arrested and charged with first degree gang-related murder. He was accused of murdering a rival gang member's mother. The Lyrics in the album were used in his trial because they contained mirror images of the murder. The Gun on the cover of the album was said to be the murder weapon. In 1996 X Raided released his second album Xorcist. It was recorded over the telephone in Sacramento county jail. After the Xorcist album was released X Raided was sentenced to 31 years in Jail for first degree murder. In 1998 X Raided released his third album Unforgiven Vol 1 recorded into a DAT. X Raided also co wrote 3 songs on C-Bo's 1998 album Til My Casket Drops when C-Bo was in Jail with X Raided. In 2000 X Raided released Speak of Da Devil as Nefarious. Vengence Is Mine was released in 2000. In 2001 X Raided released a compilation called X Raided presents The Initiation. Xology - The Best of X Raided and And He Shall Appear was released in 2001. In 2002 Deadly Game was released and Sac-A-Indo with Kingpen was released. X-RAIDED WILL BE RELEASED IN 2027FROM PRISON
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