Worker & Parasite

Guildford, UK
Artist / Band / Musician
Thrash / Hardcore
Hey everyone after fuck knows how long and a whole shitload of fun, Worker and Parasite have decided to call it a day. Just so people know we all still have much love for eachother. Think in the end we all just got burnt out on the idea of playing 30 second songs at 1000mph, and it didn't seem like much fun. I'm sure you'll see us all again in different bands and guises!
We'll be playing a farewell show of some sort in the future, and we still have that awesome 4 way split coming out in a month or so (the best stuff we recorded in my opinion!)
But anyway thanks so much to everyone whose made this fun; Ellis, Sam, The Motherfuckers and everyone whose ever been to one of our shows!
Love from
The Parasites

Stuff already out to buy;

Worker & Parasite - Demo CDR - Limited to 100 (All don't want it anyway)

V/A - No Sleep Til' Guildford Comp 7" - Available from Squinty Joe Records.

Worker & Parasite/The Motherfuckers - Split 7" - 320 copies - Available from What We Do Is Secret/Keep Screaming Records.

(Limited press release show cover.)

(Regular release cover)

Stuff coming out soon/ish

Infest Tribute CD (Punch An Emo Records)- May

BRAINDEAD/PATIENT ZERO/VALHALLA PACIFISTS/WORKER & PARASITE 4 way split joint released by Keep Screaming Records and Demo-Lition Records. Released around May time.

Worker & Parasite 7"!- In the summer sometime.

Sassabologna Fast Tape Compilation
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