Walko And The Mysterons

Wolf Town, Andromeda, GS
Artist / Band / Musician
Grime / J-POP / 2-step
my man Ikbal suckin' off a manatee
saying fuck twice that's bare profanity
my favourite subject back in school was humanities
oh my gosh, this rhyme is insanity
from the way that i swagger to the way that i roll
you can tell from my charm that i got no soul
you can tell from my flows when i'm ready to go
and when you're ready to blow,
we'll take this outta control
because you don't know me
I've never been a real G
so wait in line and tell your family
yeah thats us, we jus' fleein' the scene
and we got more bitches than Wolf Town Dance Team
remember seeing is believing
when you see me you won't be leaving
like the whole town's up in arms across the ceiling
shit, she's stopped breathing
it went from a headache
to 'get me a medic! Now!'
you may recognise us from the news,
or from pwning the noobs
all over youtube
so let me hear you shout the mysterons you adore
and when we hit the floor
we get the bitches gallore
oh no, oh no, someones called the five-o
but by the time they show
we're already ready to roll
this one goes out to all the daughters
remember water is water
and pigs get slaughtered

did you hear that?
the pigs get slaughtered
like rat-a-tat-tat
and we will enforce it
i'm meaner,
than the worlds ever seen
and i'm cleaner,
than your mom's ever been-a
stop, take a minute while i sip my ribeana,
or my pina
yeah my pina colada
out of all the OGs you've seen
i'm much harder
i dont wanna barter,
i just take what i gotta,
and if i die, i'll be a motherfuckin' martyr
don't get me wrong im a lyrical terrorist
like Moe in his death cab,
crusin' through the morning mist,
with your mom's name on the top of his to do list
BANG BANG here come the bullets
BANG BANG here come the bulies
to ruck you out fully,
ruck you out fully,

we got you scoped on the mysteron radar
is that your mom cotchin' with walko at the bar
well you can run but you wont get far
til my main man Sadler rolls up inside a cop car
i'm criss, i'm Christopher Columbus
all you niggers, you can't even test us
that's right, i'm a mysteron
i've been a mysteron since day one
ever since i sailed the seven seas,
i've been one of them real Gs
you should have told us sooner, you wounder
i been flexin her ever since you pwned her
we're always off the hizzle,
fo' shizzle
and every other nizzle, with a bizzle from another mizzle
snoop D O double gizzle, T B fizzle
just skizzle to my lizzle while i dizzle what i dizzle bizzle
you wanna get fresh with me, you'll be in heaven
to book an appointment please dial 1337
we always cotchin the ends
from Wolf Town, to Brum Ends, and even down in LDN,
and if you cuttin to McCoy ends, that's where I'll be
freshenin' up for the poonani

yo, this is how i ride
with 15 niggers cotchin' at my side
every man is bussin' a gat
and wearin' a sick new era hat
we always tested by fassy holes
but we leave them wounded by bullet holes
in the winter we don't get colds
just bare bare bare bare bare bare bare bare more ho's
Wardo's bussin 20 bill on a comic
while sadlol's sessionin' the gin and tonic
my man ikabl is tokin' the chronic
and Walko's got bare exams at college
yo did i just see bullshit happenin'?
bell JR's grandad and get him to slap them
merked down in a car, the mans got blapped dem
and if you hate on the mysterons you're a bumbalcaat battyman
it's 9pm and im not at McCoy's yard
so i bell up Kathryn to mish in her car
we gotta pick up Jimmy T but it ain't far
cheers for the lift bitch, you're a superstar
arrive in reans and knock the door
get inside and flex some gears of war
every man's lookin' criss, ready to score
shame there's no babes in Wolf Town no more
flexin' canal with a newky brown
it's the most criss drink you can get in Wolf Town
on the dancefloor bitches gather round
so i bust out some windmills and merk 'em down
head rest got jacked, taxi man wounder
if Mo-Oz had of left it we would have got home sooner
call up exp.biz and score some budda
my name is sadlol, aint no nigga cooler

when i was young, busters diss cause i was too tall
but take a look at me now, i'm reppin' tettenhall
we flexin all the tunes to fill up the dance halls
and i buss the mic over to puvan kale
a real 'G' blud, 'cause I got proof
back in the day Columbus knocked out my tooth
that ain't a lie son, it's the god's honest truth
way back when we was just youths,
knew I was destined to spit lyrics in this booth
so fuck all your cliques, and your fake-ass crews
you don't wanna be the wigga dead on the 10 o'clock news
Trevor McDonald in the back, checkin' me on twos
test the mysterons and you're gonna get slewed
bite off your head, and it's gonna get chewed
we step to the stage and we never get booed
'cause quite frankly mate, we're not your average dudes
ladies all around us, ladies in the nude
take the ladies back-stage and get out the lube
we can say what we like, and never get sued
like the tramp by KFC, never gettin no food
hold up a second, let my man intrude

shit, goddamn, is it ever gonna stop?
we drop the bombs and a buster says 'what?'
load the gat, we only need the one shot
we drop the beats like 'blap blap blap'
we mix the bass so criss with the treble
we get the balance criss 'cause Dave bust his spirit level
when i'm tense i get hench like The Punisher
"what man, she asked you to punish her?"
i woud've decked her, man, i would've slewed her
you can tell my sick flows have gotten cruder
i'll have a carlsberg, mate, if you're gettin a round
it tastes like piss, but it's criss, cause it's only a pound
sup him up real quick and then smash the glass
use the broken bastard bottle to slash your bastard ass
oh no, oh no, someones called the five-o
like D-Unit cotchin' in the casino
Smestow members, ready to roll
pull a drive-by on St. Peters in my fuckin' six fo'
a bunch of bible bashers, that's all that they are
so don't act suprised when Wardo rolls up in his car
gattin' all you suckers, just for laughs
leave your bodies drownin' in Central Baths
lock the lifeguards in the sauna, so they can't save your ass
i suppose i shudda warned ya', i don't take no fraf
like i'd ever wanna take your gash
never in a million years, with that much fanny rash
the bitch even tried payin' me cash
taxed the silly slut, i spent it on some hash
yo you should know, the mysterons never play it fair
so bring the mutherfuckin' ruckus, if you dare
anytime, anywhere, we don't really care
'cause if you're dumb enough to step to us,
it's simple math son, and you're gonna get rushed

have you ever seen a white man cruisin' the cut
mooring up his boat while he's bunnin' a soot
that is my barge blud i dont get there on foot
this narrow-boat's been pimped out to fuck
"six miles an hour?", bitch shut yo' mouth
we hit the nitrous, and we're heading down south
to LDN, where the gangstas ride
with aloy portholes, side to side
yadda da mean when i say alloy porthole
i mean like the 20 inch rims on my imparla six fo'
and then we cut to the House Of Lol
to pick up The Wish Club, and merk the five-o
cruise it back to the Canal Club
meet with exp.biz and score the bud
ruck the DJ, ruck-ruck the DJ,
we storm the stage
ruck the DJ, like we own the damn place
this isn't a disgace


We are three incredibly talented musicians (and numerous others) that believe it is finally our time to denounce the world's evil with our music. After forming more than 1500 years ago we have spent huge portions of our lives crafting our music into the aural equivalant of Jesus. Mere lexis cannot comprehend the glorious gift we are giving to you dear listener. so please sit back, listen, and weep!
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